9 Quick Solutions For Paramount Plus Audio Issues

paramount plus audio issues
paramount plus audio issues

When you’re watching your favorite movie, the sound goes out of sync. Or is the audio not coming through while watching a documentary? These problems are fairly common among Apple users.

According to statistics and our findings, more iOS users experience audio issues on their devices while streaming than any other type of problem, whether device- or app-related.

This could be due to Apple devices’ sensitivity to minor application annoyances.

Having said that, we have recently discovered a large number of users inquiring about the paramount plus audio issues with their streaming devices. It is common for streaming services to have some sound issues, but nothing that cannot be fixed.

How To Fix Paramount Plus Audio Issues?

Extending on our previous point, it is critical to comprehend the nature of the issue with your device or application. However, when it comes to audio issues, there is a set of general steps that can help you solve your problem.

So that is what we will be talking about in our article today. As a result, if you are having paramount plus audio issues, we are here to help.

  1. Restart Your Device:

This may sound a little old-fashioned, but nothing beats restarting your device if it begins to act strangely. Minor issues with your device’s performance and functionality can be easily resolved with a power cycle.

Restart the application

In that regard, it refreshes the device’s memory to make it more functional. As a result, the first thing you should do is restart your device. Disconnect it from all power sources and set it aside for a few minutes.

Reconnect the cables and ensure that the device is receiving adequate power. Make sure the connections are strong and secure.

  1. Re-Launch The App:

Sometimes the audio is out of sync with the video you’re watching, i.e. it falls back or moves forward from the video, and other times it’s completely inaudible. This could be due to app-related issues that can be resolved with a relaunch.

It refreshes your app and clears out accumulated memory, which can significantly improve audio issues. So exit and relaunch the paramount plus app. Stream any content to see if it resolves the problem.

  1. Check For Updates:

The next major source of audio issues in paramount plus is pending software updates. These software upgrade patches are intended to fix bugs and improve app performance.


Most devices install updates automatically whenever they become available in the store, but your device should not be blamed if it is unable to do so. You must check for updates regularly and install any that are available.

  1. Check The Paramount Plus Server:

You may be wondering what the connection is between audio issues and server outages at this point. They are, after all, interconnected. For example, if your server goes down, the content you’re streaming will be interrupted.

If this is the case, the audio will struggle to load in sync with the video content, resulting in audio lags or no audio at all. As a result, if the connection between the server and the app is lost, you will be unable to stream consistent content.

As a result, go to the official site of paramount plus and check for any current server outages. If there are, there isn’t much you can do except wait until the service is operational.

  1. Re-Login To The App:

It is normal to experience some temporary glitches in your streaming applications. These things can happen unexpectedly, so don’t waste time worrying about where it all went wrong. Instead, you can re-login to your account to resolve such issues.


Simply take your device that is experiencing audio issues and navigate to the Profile icon on your paramount plus account. Go to the Sign-out option after clicking the profile.

After you’ve signed out, use your credentials to log back in and see if the problem has been resolved.

  1. Check Your Internet Connection:

An unstable and inconsistent network can also lead to sound problems with applications. However, if your network is not providing adequate speeds, it may be unable to stream content and load audio consistently, resulting in audio lags.

So, run a speed test and assess the strength of your internet connection. High-definition streaming requires an internet connection with a speed of at least 15Mbps.

Also, if you’re watching a show on paramount plus, stop streaming and re-start it. It is most likely to resolve audio problems.

  1. Check Other Applications:

Changing platforms and then returning to the one that was causing the errors usually solves the problem. So, go to your streaming device and open any other streaming apps you may have.

Update the app

Sign in and begin watching a show. If there are no audio issues while streaming, the problem is limited to the paramount plus app. The problem could be caused by a software malfunction, pending updates, or something else.

This can be fixed by logging back into your paramount plus account. Stop all activity in the app and sign out of your account. Launch another app and then log in to the paramount plus app once it has finished loading.

Start streaming and you will notice that there are no audio and video problems.

  1. Check The Connections:

Another cause of your streaming device not producing output voice is faulty connections between the streaming device and the TV and the power supply. Begin by inspecting the power connection and ensuring that it is firm and secure.

Proceed to the TV and double-check the HDMII cable connections. You could try reversing the HDMI connection between your TV and the steaming device (if any). Check that all of the cables are in good working order.

If you have any speakers connected to your TV, there is most likely a connection problem resulting in no audio. Examine the speaker’s connection and ensure that the pin is securely fastened in its port.

  1. Contact Paramount Support:

contact customer support

If you are still experiencing audio issues with the paramount plus app after this step, there may be technical issues beyond your control. However. Consultation with professionals and superior support can assist you in resolving any issues with the app.

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