Spectrum Error ELI-1010: 3 Ways To Fix

Spectrum Error ELI-1010
Spectrum Error ELI-1010

Spectrum is a company that doesn’t need much introduction these days. Having cultivated a solid reputation in the market for supplying a reliable internet and television service, they have garnered an increasing amount of customers in recent years.

To put it simply, they are one of the best of the bunch so, if you happen to subscribe with them – good job picking one of the better companies out there!

As a mid-range option, they basically tick all of the boxes you would want them to. They allow for higher internet speeds, better bandwidth and connectivity, and stability – all the while tying the whole thing together in one pretty affordable and enticing package.

For many of us, the thing that drew us to Spectrum in the first place is their incredibly generous TV and landline phone options.

Essentially, they are the optimal service for those who want to tie in all of their communications and entertainment services into one easy-to-use package.

There is just such an added convenience to doing so, rather than having to pay multiple different entities for a similar range of services. And, most of the time, Spectrum delivers on its promises of reliable service.

That being said, if it all worked 100% of the time, you wouldn’t be here reading this, now would you?

Diagnosing the ELI-1010 Error Code

Diagnosing the ELI-1010 Error Code

Unfortunately, with high-tech solutions such as these, there is always the potential for something to go awry every now and then.

Luckily, Spectrum is quite clear at communicating what is wrong when something does go askew.

Their method for doing so is by popping up an error code that has a definite meaning and helps to narrow down the troubleshooting process.

Naturally, we are here to diagnose the ELI-1010 error code that you are most likely looking at right now.

And, having trawled the net for clear and concise information on how to fix the issue, we decided to put together this little guide to help you.

The error code ELI-1010 is pretty uncommon, so there are only a few ways to fix it.

Why am I getting this Error Code?

Though error codes can be daunting and inspire fear, this one isn’t as severe as you might be expecting.

The first thing you need to check is if this error code appears when you are attempting to access your Spectrum Premium App on a web interface. Furthermore, this error code should never appear if you are using the mobile App.

In fact, the annoying thing about receiving the ELI-1010 error code is that it should never happen at all.

As a Spectrum user, you are fully entitled to use those channels whenever and however you please. Then again, for whatever reason, this isn’t always the way it works out.

So, though we’re sure that this is a bug that Spectrum will eventually repair, for now, we are just going to have to settle for fixing it whenever it pops up. 

Spectrum Error ELI-1010

1) Check your browser

Check your browser

The first thing you will need to do when you see this message is to check your browser settings.

An unusual quirk to the Premium TV channels that Spectrum supply is that they can only be accessed from your personal home network.

So, the next logical step is to make sure that you are using the same browser you normally use.

It is also advisable to check that your DNS settings are in order.

Finally, if the problem lies with your browser, there is only one more thing to look at.

Many of us like to customize our browsers according to our preferences. It kind of naturally happens over time, so it can be hard even to recall what modifications you may have made.

Nevertheless, these changes can quite often turn out to be the root cause of the problem.

So, at this point, we would recommend disabling them one by one and checking to see does it resolve the issue.

To get it done quickly, simply reset all of your browser settings to default and then try it out.

In quite a few cases, this will fix everything. If not, don’t worry about it. We still have a few more options left to try.

2) Disable the VPN

Disable the VPN

In today’s world of malware and general snooping into each other’s business, it is no wonder that many of us have adopted to use a VPN as a means of having some semblance of anonymity online.

That being said, using a VPN can have some downsides. For starters, they slow down your internet speed while they conceal your IP address.

But, they can also end up restricting your access to certain sites that demand to know your location. Unfortunately, your Premium TV subscription is one of these services.

When this happens, your subscription won’t be able to recognize the fact that you are actually using your home network. This will automatically trigger the ELI-1010 error to pop up on your screen.

In such a circumstance, restarting everything will prove totally ineffective too. Instead, you will need to delve a little deeper and check to see if you are currently running a VPN.

If you are, the only thing that can be done is to temporarily disable it while you attempt to access your service again.

Naturally, the VPN can be switched on again as soon as you go back to regular browsing.

Once disabled, you should start receiving regular service again. If not, there is nothing for it except to move onto the last step.

3) Get in Contact with Customer Support

Get in Contact with customer support

As far as home remedies go for this issue, unfortunately, we have reached the end of the line now.

If you are still receiving the same error code, there is something more serious at play.

In fact, it is most likely at this point that the issue is on Spectrum’s side rather than yours.

So, all we can do for you at this point is recommend that you get in touch with Spectrum’s customer service hotline.

From their side, they will be able to determine whether your account is active on Premium TV.

In addition, they can also troubleshoot any other issues that you may be having that are preventing you from using your subscription to its fullest potential.

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