4 Ways To Deal With The DirecTV Fast Forward Problem

directv fast forward problem
directv fast forward problem

DirecTV is a popular TV streaming service that features a whole lot of benefits. Through their live TV packages, you can enjoy watching all your favorite TV shows without needing much to worry about. Not only do they bring some of the best live services, but you can enjoy your favorite on-demand services as well. Lately, there have been complaints regarding the DirecTV fast forward problem. In case you have found yourself in the same spot and are wondering how to fix these problems, then you should keep on reading! Here are all the common issues and their solutions:

DirecTV Fast Forward Problem

1. Rewind and Fast Forward Not Working

One of the most common fast forward issues that you are bound to run into are problems with fast forwarding and rewinding the streaming service. The first thing that you should be checking when you face this error is your TV remote itself.

Once you have made sure that your remote is in fully working condition, then the next thing to check would be to check the receivers. Ensure there aren’t any problems whatsoever with the signals or the receiver as both can cause this issue to surface.

2. Screen Keeps Freezing

Another really common problem that occurs when fast forwarding is that the screen will suddenly get stuck all of a sudden. Even though in most cases, the screen will start running back again, it can still be quite annoying to have to deal with a stuck screen, especially when you are trying to fast forward a particular scene on TV.

In this case, we recommend that you start with the device itself and make sure it is in full working condition. Another thing to check along with it would be your internet. Any delay or problem with your internet connection speed can cause your TV streaming services to slow down or even end up freezing. Whatever the case is, you will have to individually check every one of them to make sure the screen does not get stuck again.

3. Jumps To End or Beginning Of Recording

A very common issue that we have found users have especially when they are in the middle of fast forwarding something is that the recording will either jump to the start or end. This most usually happens because of a poor connection.

However, there can be a certain number of reasons behind why this could suddenly pop up. In any case, we highly suggest starting with the connection itself and checking the box. If you can, try changing the box cable and seeing if the issue persists. If you have successfully ruled out any possibility that you can find, then the issue could be on the back end.

4. Unable To Fast Forward Ads

Certain users have also reported having issues while trying to fast forward any ads that might come even on recordings. However, what most users aren’t aware of is that they can’t do anything about the recordings that they find on the sat channels.

Only the recordings that are directly taken from on-demand services have issues. In simpler words, you can’t control the ads that are directly streamed from the channels. However, if you do decide to use recordings from on-demand services, those ads are directly from DirecTV, which you should also be able to skip.

The Bottom Line

Even though many different fast forward problems can come up while using DirecTV, we have listed some of the most common issues. Along with it, we have also listed the required solutions which you can follow to resolve these problems.

In case you are still facing problems with DirecTV, then we highly recommend you try contacting the support team instead. They should help you further on how you can effectively troubleshoot and resolve the problem.

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