Should I Unplug My Roku Stick When Not In Use?

should i unplug my roku stick when not in use
should i unplug my roku stick when not in use


The Roku company makes Roku TVs, streaming sticks, and set-top boxes to provide its customers access to thousands of channels that offer pay-per-view, subscription-based, and free streaming content. Even with a plethora of convenient features, a Roku remote is still only capable enough to power off a Roku TV – Roku streaming stick and set-top box remain unaffected by the remote’s power button (even the voice feature only works with Roku TVs).

Should I Unplug My Roku Stick When Not In Use?

Whether you want to unplug your Roku stick (Premier, Express, Express+, Streaming stick) or keep it turned on, the decision is up to you. But according to our research, there are three reasons why you shouldn’t unplug your Roku stick when not in use.

The three reasons as to why you shouldn’t unplug your Roku stick when not in use are as follows:

1. Updates

The Roku streaming stick is by design not allowed to turn off with the press of a power button. Roku streaming sticks are programmed to check and install updates when the TV is off.

This Roku streaming stick feature is made for user convenience. As instead of interrupting its user with an update notification, the Roku streaming stick installs it on its own. It should be noted that Roku streaming stick updates are extremely important because they’re developer patches that improve and fix previous software issues.

2. Speed

Speed is a very important component, especially if you’re dealing with something electronic. A Roku streaming stick is designed to keep on running in a stand-by mode.

When the TV is turned off, a Roku streaming stick immediately goes into standby mode. Stand-by mode is necessary because it consumes less power, automatically updates the software, and allows you to access the Roku streaming interface within seconds.

3. Re-authentication

A Roku streaming stick is hard to turn off because certain applications demand re-authentication after the Roku stick is turned on.

Re-authentication is annoying, time-consuming, and mind-numbing. Turning off a Roku streaming device cuts its connection with the internet. No connection to the internet means no connection to the paid streaming services. So as a security precaution, some paid streaming applications ask you to re-authenticate after you turn on a powered off Roku streaming stick.

Showtime and HBO are two TV channel applications that ask you to re-authenticate after a successful power cycle.

Unplugging is a chore

Every single Roku streaming stick comes with a micro USB power cable. The micro USB is inserted into the Roku streaming stick, whereas the plug is inserted into a power socket. A constant supply of electricity is needed to keep a Roku streaming stick running.

To turn it off, you’ll have to manually unplug the Roku streaming stick from the power socket. It’s not fun to take it out of the socket every time you need to shut it down.

The only time you should unplug a Roku streaming stick is when it’s gotten a little hot. Overheating can occur when the Roku streaming stick has been running for a very long time.

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