TCL 6 Series Input Lag: 6 Ways To Fix

tcl 6 series input lag
tcl 6 series input lag

TCL TVs have become an absolute choice of people who need the latest features in their televisions. Similarly, TCL has come up with a wide range of series with underlying benefits and improvements with every TV. As for as TCL 6 series, people are complaining about the input lag. So, if you have TCL 6 series input lag issue, we have designed this article with troubleshooting methods!

TCL 6 Series Input Lag

1) Game Mode

First of all, you need to make sure that the game mode is on. That’s important because a switched off game mode will adversely impact the input performance. If you need to check the game mode, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • First of all, open the settings on your TCL TV
  • Scroll down to the advanced settings
  • Navigate the game mode and switch it on

This will hopefully fix the issue. However, if the issue persists, you can use try toggling the game mode on and off multiple times to fix the issue.

2) HDMI Cables

While using TCL TV, we are pretty sure that you would be using the HDMI cables for an optimal performance rate. However, if the performance or input is lagging, there are chances that the HDMI cable is frayed or damaged. With this being said, you should look for the physical damage on the HDMI cables. If the cables are alright, just take them and put them back in again to make sure of a tight connection.

3) Unplug The TV

For everyone is going nuts about the input lag on their TCL 6 series, unplugging the TV will fix the issue. However, you need to follow some additional steps that we have mentioned below;

  • Take out the power cord from the TC
  • Press the power button for at least 15 seconds (it’s available on the backside of the TV at right side)
  • Switch on the TV

4) HDMI Settings

In addition to the HDMI cables, you need to be mindful of the HDMI settings. With this being said, you need to change the HDMI input settings from auto to HDMI 2.0. This will use the HDMI cables to their highest capacity and promise streamlined input performance.

5) Factory Reset

If nothing is fixing the input lag issue for you, there are chances of bugs and errors which can be removed with the factory resets. The factory reset is the most viable choice, but it will delete the settings.

6) The Common Causes

Well, it’s pretty intriguing because every TCL 6 series user who complained about the input lag had downloaded and installed the update. According to the experts, there was some bug and glitch in the update. So, if possible, you should try deleting the update the input lag will be solved. The bottom line is that you should always install updates after reading reviews or you will be stuck with HDMI cables and game mode toggling.

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