Does Roku Keep Streaming When TV Is Off?

does roku keep streaming when tv is off
does roku keep streaming when tv is off

Roku TV has become the top choice of people who like smart products and want a better experience. Roku TV uses the internet to function, which means your internet bandwidth will be used. Be it the pay-per-view, set-top box, or the streaming stick, all of them are designed to offer an array of channels. However, some people have been complaining about higher internet consumption. So, they ask, “does Roku keep streaming when TV is off?” and we have got all the answers for you!

Does Roku Keep Streaming When TV Is Off?

Roku & Streaming

There are multiple Roku devices out there, and all of them are designed with an on-off switch. On the other hand, Roku TV doesn’t have this on-off switch, which means it will keep streaming even if you switch off the TV. Obviously, there is a voice remote with the power button, but it’s only used for switching the TV off or on. However, this eats up the internet bandwidth that can be bad for people with data caps. In the section below, we have also added the powering configuration of Roku devices.

Roku Device Powering

For the people who are using the Roku set-top box or the stick, you will notice that there is no button. This is because these devices must not be turned off in any case. The Roku devices are designed to consume less power and need a proper connection to the internet. The internet connection is important to keep the apps and channels updated along with the operating system.

So, when you don’t want to stream the content and turn off the Roku TV, it won’t shut down completely but goes into the sleep and standby mode. But again, it keeps sucking power. Still, there are some ways of switching on the Roku devices completely so that the internet and power are not consumed in the background.

Switching Off AC-Powered Roku  

For people who are connecting the Roku devices through AC power adapters, they should unplug the device the AC outlet. With this plug-out, the device will be cut off from the power, and the internet connection will be disconnected as well. Even more, if you plug the Roku in the protector or power strip, all you need to do is flip the switch.

However, it might switch off other connected devices as well. For the users with a smart power strip, the outlet will be deprived of activity and power after a certain period. In the case of the smart plug, you should switch off the plug with the smartphone.

USB-Powered Roku Devices

For the people who are using the TV’s port to connect the set-top box or stick, you can switch off the TV to cut off the power and internet connection. According to Roku, one should use the AC adapters rather than USB. This is because your device won’t have to reboot every time the TV is switched on.

Power Down

For people who want to ensure streamlined internet and power saving, they need to power down the Roku device completely. However, with the power down, the OS will need a reboot, and without it, you cannot use the Roku features.

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