5 Ways To Fix VRV Not Working On Roku

vrv on roku not working
vrv on roku not working

Roku streaming device has become the ultimate choice for people who need to create a streamlined connection. With this being said, there is a specialized collection of channels named VRV. This basic VRV channel is usually available for free, but you will need an account to stream premium content. VRV offers hundreds of channels, even without an account. However, if you are struggling with, “VRV on Roku not working,” we have added the troubleshooting methods in the article below!

VRV Not Working On Roku

1. Try Other Videos

If the VRV is not working on your Roku, you need to try playing another video (without changing the channel). This is because if some video from the same channel is playing up properly and has an issue in selected videos, you need to call customer support. We are saying this because VRV might not be working given the outage of the service interruption issue.

2. Try Different Channels

If you are trying to play the video from some channel other than the Roku channel, it can lead to the malfunction. In the same vein, if you are using the streaming services, such as Amazon Prime or Netflix, which demand credentials for sign-in. In this case, there are chances that you have typed in the wrong username or password, which hindered the functionality of VRV.

3. Network Status

When using the Roku device and unable to use VRV, you need to check the status of your network connection. You can check the network connection from the network tab of settings. From this page, you can move to the about section and see if the status shows “connected.” On the other hand, if the Roku is not connected, make sure to click on “set up connection” and follow the prompts.

These actions will promise a streamlined network connection. You can also check the connection because it tests the internet connection and the network.

4. Restart

If the VRV is not working on Roku, restarting the Roku player will help fix the issue. If you want to restart the Roku player, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Open the settings and jump to the System
  • Click on the System reset option

On the other hand, if you need to restart the Roku TV, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Open the settings and move to System
  • Click on power and tap on system restart

However, if you don’t want to do this through the TV itself, you can simply take out the power cord and plug them back in after a few minutes.

5. Slow Connection

If you are not able to use VRV on Roku, there are high chances that a slow internet connection is causing the issue. In this case, all you need to do is restart the modem and optimize the high-quality signals.

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