4 Ways To Fix Onkyo Audio Delay

onkyo audio delay
onkyo audio delay

Onkyo is a popular company known for providing a wide range of audio and home theater solutions to users. They have a whole variety of products which are all aimed at delivering excellent sound quality in your house. Using their devices, you can successfully set a great home theater experience in your house.

How to Fix Onkyo Audio Delay?

A number of users have been getting issues while trying to use the Onkyo device. These users mentioned how they are getting a weird audio delay whenever the device plays something. This has caused frustration among them as they don’t have any idea on what could be causing this.

This is why today; we will be going through a number of different ways on how you can possibly resolve the issue. All of the troubleshooting steps, along with the required instructions are mentioned right down below:

  1. Try Disabling/Enabling Lip Sync

According to most users who have been facing this issue, they were able to fix the problem by simply going through the settings of the box, and enabling/disabling the lip sync setting. For some users, they had to disable the option, whereas some had to enable it in order for the device to start working.

For your case, we recommend that you try both of the options and check if either of the option was able to fix your problem or not.

  1. Try Disabling Video-Processing Settings

Alternatively, you can also try disabling some other settings found on your TV, if the first step didn’t seem to do anything for you. What we recommend you do is to check for any video-processing setting on your TV. These include video noise reduction, motion enhancement, or any other image enhancement option.

We highly suggest that you try disabling all such settings. Furthermore, look for any other setting in your TV related to audio or video delay.

  1. Check Firmware

Not having the firmware properly installed on your device could also lead to you facing audio-related problems. Due to this, we recommend that you check the version of firmware that you have currently installed.

Try downloading and installing the latest version of firmware (stable) which you can find for your device.

  1. Contact Support

If none of the above-mentioned steps seem to work for you, then you can try contacting customer support. They should help you further and figure out the cause to why you are experiencing such complication. Moreover, they should also help suggest troubleshooting steps required to fix the issue.

The Bottom Line:

Getting audio delay on your Onkyo device? Here are all the required steps on how you can easily resolve the issue for good. In case of any confusion, ensure to leave down a comment in the comment section below!

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