3 Ways To Fix Vizio Soundbar Audio Delay

vizio soundbar audio delay
vizio soundbar audio delay

Considering most of us will have enough access to high quality streaming content to fuel a cinema, it only makes sense that so many of us are also trying to boost the sound quality of our systems.

To this end, pretty much every electronics manufacturer out there worth their salt have started coming up with products to match that need. They need to be small, sleek, and yet powerful too – not like the massive home cinema systems of decades past.

Of these devices, Vizio Sound Bars are right up there with the best in the market, competing with even the tech giants that are more of a household name.

They fit all the right criteria; they are compact, sleek, have excellent sound quality, and don’t cost all that much either. They’re also easy enough to set up and get running, considering that they take all sorts of input methods.

All that having been said, we do realise that you wouldn’t be here reading this if everything was working perfectly for you. One problem that seems to be getting reported by plenty of Vizio users out there is a strange sound delay issue.

Naturally, this won’t do as it will totally wreck the whole viewing experience for you. So, to get rid of the problem, we decided to put together this short list of troubleshooting tips. Here’s what you should be trying!

Ways To Fix Vizio Soundbar Audio Delay

  1. Make Sure to Check the Source File

Make Sure to Check the Source File

As we aways do with these guides, we will start off with the simplest and most likely solution first. That way, we won’t waste time on the more complex stuff without actually needing to. Generally speaking, Vizio gear is of a really good quality, so we are going to check that the input source is correct first.

A good idea to kick this off with is to try running some other sort of source file on your Sound Bar. This is just to see does this experience the same delay issues or not.

If this file ends up running totally fine, that would suggest that the problems you were having earlier will be the fault of the source file. If so, this is actually good news. You will just need to change the source file to something else and it should then work for you.

  1. Try to Change the Input Source

Try to Change the Input Source

One of the best features of the Vizio Sound Bar is that is supports a wide range of input sources, including both wired and wireless types. It really does make diagnosing issues such as these much easier!

So, this means that you can try connecting it up a different way to see if anything else is working. You’ll have the choice of either using the Bluetooth feature, or the aux cable or the more commonly used HDMI cable.

The thing to do here is dutifully try each available option to you and then check and see if the syncing issue persists across the board or just on one of the input options. If it turns out that one of the other options work just fine, the issue will most likely have been caused by a dodgy cable.

The only thing to do then is to replace the offending cable with a new one. While you are replacing this, we would recommend opting for a higher quality one as these can make all the difference in the long run.

  1. Try a Simple Restart

Try a Simple Restart

Quite often, this problem will only pop up because you have a bug of some sort on the input device you are using. This could be the TV that you are trying to play the media file on and not the Sound Bar itself.

Other times, the bug will be with the Sound Bar. In either case, this is rarely going to be serious enough that either device will need to be replaced.

A great way of clearing out any bugs and glitches that may have cropped up over time is to just restart whatever is experiencing issues. For this particular problem, we would suggest that you simply restart everything that could be at fault. This will include both the media player and the Sound Bar.

The best way to get this done is to just remove each device from its power source and then just let it sit there for a while – a minute or two should be more than sufficient for this. After that, you can then try powering them up again and the problem should be gone.

The Last Word

Unfortunately, we have reached the end of the tips that can be done from the comfort of your own home. Beyond this, every step to take requires a little more technical know-how to complete. So, the only logical step from here is to hand it over to the pros, we’re afraid.

To that end, we would suggest getting in touch with Vizio’s support team and making them aware of the issue. While you are talking to them, it is always a good idea to let them know what you have tried so far. That way, they won’t waste any time on the simple stuff and will just dive right into the more complicated fixes.

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