Sony KDL vs Sony XBR- The Better Option?

sony kdl vs xbr
sony kdl vs xbr

If you are someone who enjoys watching movies and TV shows at your home. Then it will be necessary for you to have cable service and television at your home. As for the cable service, there are many options that you can go for.

Although, recently companies have come up with services that can be used through your internet connection. This allows you to watch movies and even record them as long as your internet is working.

Getting back to televisions, there are numerous companies that you can go for when it comes to purchasing these as well. Although, one of the best brands is considered to be Sony. They have tons of series that you can choose between which makes some users confused.

We will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between Sony KDL and XBR. These are two of the best lineups that you can purchase from the company and going through this article should help you in selecting one.

Sony KDL vs Sony XBR

Sony KDL

Sony KDL is a series of televisions that have come out from the company. These come in different sizes that you can choose between. But keep in mind that the features on all the KDL series are almost the same. If you are thinking about what KDL means. Then you should note that this represents that all the devices in this lineup are LCDs. These run at a maximum resolution of 1090p. The company suggests that their lineup is true HD instead of upscaling the image quality.

Considering this, you should be able to notice incredible detail and lighting from the device. There are tons of other features provided on the device which include it having access to connect to your Wi-Fi. You can use this feature to install applications directly on your LCD and then start streaming shows. Considering this, you no longer have to own a cable service to watch TV shows on your device.

The TV also comes with a technology that allows it to smooth out videos that are being played. This makes it even more fun to watch the action and sports movies. Finally, there are some image stabilization options in the control panel which you cannot find on most devices. These settings allow you to adjust the contrast and colors to sharpen the image quality. You can even select between some modes provided or set the quality to be set automatically.

Sony XBR

Sony XBR is another famous lineup of televisions. Although, one thing that you should know is that these do not directly fall under Sony. The devices are produced under the sub-brand from Sony instead which is known as Sony Bravia. Considering this, some users might think that this is another company but that is not the case. Aside from this, XBR is the best performing series of televisions from Sony.

This is because of their amazing features and performance. There are tons of models in this lineup that all have codes in their name. This helps in differentiating the devices and checking what their specifications are. Recently, the new devices that are coming out in this lineup support 4K resolution on them. This is four times more pixels when compared to the KDL series.

Aside from this, the device also has smart TV features on it meaning you can download applications on it. You can even control the device with your mobile phone. Considering this, all the additional features on the Sony KDL lineup are also present on XBR on top of its amazing image quality. The only downside to choosing this series over KDL is its price. Sony XBR series can be quite a bit expensive because of their resolution.

This is why it is better that you only go for these series if you want to use 4K on your device. Most people do not even utilize this at the time because of their connections being too slow. If you only want to watch shows in 1080p HD then the KDL series will be best for you. These are also lighter in weight and the bezels on them are a little smaller as well. If you are somehow still confused then visit a Sony store that has these devices available. You can check them out on the main display to see which one works better for you.

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