Centurylink Orange Internet Light: 4 Ways To Fix

centurylink orange internet light
centurylink orange internet light

During these times, having access to the unhindered internet is essential. This is the prime reason that people opt for CenturyLink because their modems are designed to offer uninterrupted internet signals. So, if you are using the CenturyLink modem and struggling with CenturyLink orange internet light, we are here to help you sort the issue!

Centurylink Orange Internet Light – What Does It Mean?

In case you have the orange internet light on the modem and cannot decipher what it is about, you are connected to the PPP credentials. These credentials are provided by CenturyLink but sometimes lead to internet connectivity issues. For this purpose, we have lined out the troubleshooting methods to help you out!

1) Hardware Issues

First of all, there are higher chances of hardware issues in the modem. The modems are electrical devices and it’s highly likely that internal components have fused out. In addition, some wiring might be loose as well. With this being said, we suggest that you open up the modem and replace the worn-out components. If there are loose wirings, tighten them up, screw up the modem again, and connect it again.

2) Cords

If the hardware fix didn’t help get rid of the orange internet light, there are chances that something is wrong with the cords. Also, when we talk about cords, you need to be vigilant about power cords as well as internet cords. To begin with, if there are issues with the power cord, you need to inspect the cable and replace it if there are some damages.

When it comes down to the internet cords, you need to ensure that you are using the ethernet cables. This is because ethernet cables are designed to transmit internet signals. If you are using the cables that CenturyLink sent you, know that it’s substandard quality and it needs replacement. Once you’ve replaced the cables in case of damages, make sure that you plug in the cables and cords tightly.

3) Heat

If everything is working fine, such as cords and hardware, there are chances that the CenturyLink modem is not at the right temperature. This is because the modem gets heated up with continual working and when it doesn’t get the rest. So, do check the temperature of the modem and switch it off for some minutes, so it can cool down.

Once the modem cools down, you will be able to get the light issue sorted. Also, when you switch on the router, make sure that you place the modem in the area where it can get proper air circulation.

4) Extra Components

If you are using the modem with multiple components for building up the network, there are chances that those components have worn out. With this being said, if there are surge protectors and power strips in the network, the modem will not get the right power that can impact the overall connectivity. Consequently, you need to remove these surge protectors and power strips and make sure to plug in the modem directly into the outlet.

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