4 Tips To Fix Slow Internet On RCN

rcn internet slow
rcn internet slow

RCN Corporation has been serving American users with its telecom services since 1993. At this point, it is currently offering both, fiber, as well as cable internet plans and both of the RCN connections, come with its own list of pros and cons. You can easily compare both the internet plans side by side on the basis of its pricing options, data allowance, upload and download speed, and other perks that they come up with.

If you’re facing speed issues, here’s what you can do to get rid of RCN internet slow speeds and boost your home’s Wi-Fi connection.

Troubleshooting RCN Internet Slow Speed Connection

With the markets greatly saturated with a number of different internet service providers, it is hard to stay loyal to the one ISP that you’ve selected first-hand. But, instead of going on to buy new services and dumping your old internet, the smart decision will be the optimization of your RCN internet and troubleshooting your RCN Internet slow speed connection. Learn how to optimize your RCN internet speeds using the five simple tips given below.

  1. Prevention from Interference

The most common hurdle faced by your internet connection is none other than your own household. All the walls, furniture, and other physical barrier act as obstacles and cause your internet to lose its speed.  Moreover, all the electrical appliances produce electromagnetic radiations that interfere in signal transduction resulting in slow speed connection. Concrete, metal, plaster, and other woodworks of your house make it difficult for the Wi-Fi signals to provide a stable internet connection.

– What You Can Do?

You can minimize the number of such obstacles and physical barriers by making some house arrangements. Try to place your home internet router in an open area like your living room or balcony where it can get proper clear internet signals and give better internet speeds.

  1. Positioning Your Wi-Fi Router

Sometimes it’s not your Wi-Fi router that is not getting proper signals but your computing device that you are using. The physical barriers also interfere with the local signal transaction inside your house and disrupt the connection between your Router and your computer or your smartphone.

– What Can You Do?

To get the maximum speed of your RCN internet connection, you should make sure that there’s no local interference among your internet devices. Try to create a direct connection by moving closer to the place where your Wi-Fi router is stationed. Don’t place your router on the upper floor or in an upstairs office, but position it somewhere in the center of your house.

  1. Multiple Device Connections

Your Wi-Fi performance is greatly affected by the number of devices connected to the Internet at the moment. Multiple simultaneous connections causes the internet to lose their actual speed. It distributes the internet connection among all connected devices so you only get to use only a fraction of it.

– What Can You Do?

This can be avoided if you limit the number of devices that are using internet services at the Sam time. Plus, try using the upgraded version of your computing devices because most Wi-Fi routers tend to slow down the internet speed to the speed of your slowest device.

  1. Protect Your Internet

One of the many reasons that you are facing RCN internet Slow speeds is because your internet access might be compromised. There can be an unknown guest who’s using your internet without your permission which is why your internet speed is affected. If your network is open and you haven’t protected it, it means that your Wi-Fi is vulnerable to all types of Cyber threats or your neighbors who can easily add their own devices to your broadband connection.

– What Can You Do?

You can protect your Wi-Fi connection with the help of a password or PIN. If you put a PIN password protection on your internet, it will always ask the user to insert that password to grant access to the internet network.


RCN Internet slow speeds are something that you have to face no matter what internet plan you choose. You cannot pinpoint anything specific to be the cause of slow speed because many factors are responsible to influence your internet speeds. Use these easy steps to solve your speed issues.

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