Why Is Your Satellite Internet So Slow? (7 Steps To Fix)

why is satellite internet so slow
why is satellite internet so slow

Why Is Your Satellite Internet So Slow?

In the world that we’re living today, the internet is a basic need for everyone. To do your homework or your office work, to watch movies or your favorite series,  to learn new recipes or gain knowledge about different things of the universe, the internet is important for people of every age group belonging to every race of humankind. But the internet comes in various forms and satellite internet is one such form. For those of you, who use satellite internet, at some point, you must have asked yourself “Why is satellite internet so slow?”

Well, we are here to answer your question in the simplest way along with providing you some easy troubleshooting steps on how to overcome these Satellite internet speed issues.

Troubleshooting Slow Satellite Internet

Internet speeds depend upon several different factors that also include the network servers as well as the internet source. You may sometime have different internet speeds in the day at different speeds at night. And so this way, the internet speeds are never constant. Below are given some of the very basic things that you should do if you are experiencing slow satellite internet.

1. Speed Test

Firstly, you need to test your internet speed that you’re having currently so that you can compare it with the speed that is promised to you by your ISP. For this, you can use any speed testing application or software. But, beware of the poor ones that send your activity reports to the satellite servers.

2. Reset Your Internet Modem

The next thing you should do is to reset or reboot your internet modem. This is a very easy and simple step that will refresh your Wi-Fi device to establish a better speed connection to the Internet Satellite. You just simply need to unplug your router and replug it then configure it to your computing device.

3. Give It A Try

Now, try loading different webpages and sites to test the internet speed again. You will notice some of the pages are browsed faster than the others. This is because some sites usually require more internet data to load. They store more of your cookies and cached data but that’s not related to your satellite internet connection. So, the next step would obviously be related to that data.

4. Keep Your Browser Clean

Always try to keep your Firefox, Chrome, or whatever browser you’re using, clean. Your browser’s history and cached data can also slow down your internet speeds. Clear all the cookies and temporary files of the browser. Make sure to keep it up to date by downloading the most recent version of it. The newer upgraded versions have more bug fixes and fewer issues.

5. Many Simultaneous Connections

If many devices are connected to your satellite internet, it also affects the speed of your internet connection more than you can think. Too many simultaneous connections are never good to establish a fast working internet connection. Disconnect all the other devices from the internet if you’re working on something important so that you can have better speeds with your satellite internet.

6. Password Protection

Always protect your internet connection with a password that is strong enough not to be easily guessed by any other unwanted guest. Use a combination of capital as well as small alphabetical characters along with some numerical ones to construct a strong password that protects your satellite Wi-Fi connection properly. If you already have a password set and still suffering speed issues with your satellite internet, you should consider changing it at this moment to a much stronger one.

7. Customer Care Services

If none of the above steps work to solve the speed issues you can try contacting your Internet Service Provider by using their customer care services. Occasionally, the issues might be a result of some technical glitches on their side which cause disruptive internet services and slow the connection.


We hope to have answered your question “Why is Satellite Internet so slow?” pretty well. But there are also some other ways that you can use to solve your speed issues. You just need to search for the cause of trouble first and then look for ways to tackle it.

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