6 Reasons Why You’re Facing Slow Internet On TDS

tds internet slow
TDS internet slow

Among all the things about Wi-Fi connection, your internet speed is the one that matters the most. Ever been in a situation where you are dying to finish some internet work but your slow connection causes it to take forever? A mere task that can be completed into seconds might take all day for you to finish just because of a slow disconnecting internet connection. Not to forget how irritating it gets to use a slow speed internet. If you’re also facing TDS internet slow speed issues with your Wi-Fi subscription, here are some reasons that can cause slow speeds and solutions to overcome those issues with some easy simple steps.

What Causes Slow Speed TDS Internet?

The speed issues that you’re suffering are not sudden or accidental instead they are caused by some specific reasons. It can be your device that’s causing the internet to slow down or it might be your DSL connection. Either way, these issues can be resolved in the following way. Stay with us through the text to learn more about TDS internet slow speeds.

1. Overhead DSL Connections

Each and every DSL connection, that is distributed in the area, need to use a certain number of some specific internet protocols that are different in their purpose. These internet protocols are responsible for reducing your internet bandwidth that indirectly affects the speed of your TDS internet connection.

The different combinations of these internet protocols are collectively called Overheads which affects the internet speeds of your DSL connection. The total overhead for your DSL internet connection sums up to 12.4 % approximately. You can opt for the better overhead to have a speedy internet connection.

2. Too Many Connections

Mostly when you’ve connected too many devices to your TDS internet connection, it tends to drop the signals and thus causes low speeds. This is because when your DSL connection is shared between multiple computers in your house, it causes connection clash which in turn causes the internet to work on slow speeds as compared to the speed promised in your plan.

It is better to disconnect all the other devices when you are using the internet on a single computer for work.

3. Multiple Applications

If you have installed too many applications and different types of software on your phone or your computing device and you are using all of them at once, it is obvious that your device will hang. Plus your internet will suffer from low-speed connections.  this is because your device runs all these applications in the background and the data catches will cause interruptions in your internet connection.

Therefore, it is best to avoid using too many types of applications at the same time.

4. Spyware And Malware Programs

There are too many types of Malware and Spyware programs that also affect your internet connection speeds whenever they are downloaded from the internet. They cause your internet speed to slow down and also affect the hardware of your computing device. Your device loses its ability to connect to the internet due to such programs and thus you have to face different types of TDS internet slow speed issues.

Beware of such spyware and malware programs whenever you’re using the internet.

5. Viruses And Malicious Websites

When you are using the internet, there are many types of viruses that can be downloaded on your computer which causes internet speeds to drop. Moreover, there are various malicious websites that harm or damage your computer and cause different types of issues with the hardware system. This also includes speed issues with the internet connection that you are using.

6. TDS Internet Plan

The TDS internet slow speed issues that you are facing might be the result of your selected DSL internet package. Your currently selected plan may be slower than your needed internet speed.

There are a number of packages offered by TDS, so you can consider selecting for the one that offers more speed than other features. This way, you get to enjoy speedy internet connections at the same monthly budget plan that you are currently using.


TDS internet slow speed issues can be recovered by using a better DSL connection plan along with some precautions to help you get speedy internet access.

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