Pocketinet Customer Reviews – Is The Service Good?

pocketinet customer reviews
pocketinet customer reviews

Looking for a service that provides the fastest internet speeds as well as advanced security and management features? Well, you asked for it, and Pocketinet delivered.

It is difficult to include all of the top-tier security and management features in a local service because the primary focus is on providing users with fast speeds.

There are many local services in your area, but very few of them provide advanced security. Because the credibility of service has primarily been limited to providing a reliable and fast connection, security is frequently compromised.

Having said that, you may find hundreds of local providers but only a few to name to give you an actual protected and reliable network.

Pocketinet Customer Reviews

What distinguishes Pocketinet as a more reliable option? You guessed correctly. Signal strength and security features Pocketinet not only provides excellent security, but it also provides you with faster internet service.

However, the service is more than what is stated. To get a better idea of what this service has to offer, we gathered information about it from various forums to provide you with a comprehensive Pocketinet customer review.

  1. Performance And Offerings:

Pocketinet will provide DSL, fixed wireless, and fiber connections for residential and commercial users in Mid-Columbia and surrounding areas.

Speaking of which, you can use any connection type that your local area supports and enjoy one of the most secure networking experiences available.

secure network

Pocketinet is jam-packed with networking goodness, and we’ll see why this service is worth the hype in a moment. However, it’s the ability to deliver consistent connectivity across clients, allowing internet access to every corner of your home.

With a network that provides up to 1Gbps data speeds and advanced features, you can optimize your daily internet tasks, from online conferencing to HD streaming. Pocketinet has all of your needs covered.

Some internet service providers, despite their excellent reputation and ratings, may be unable to provide you with a symmetric connection.

When multiple clients are working at the same time, you may experience network lags and slow speeds.

However, with Pocketinet internet, you get Wi-Fi 6 while home coverage is easily manageable via pocketzone. Not only that, but the 802.11ac protocol provides up to 37% faster data rates than the standard.

wifi illustration

Furthermore, not only are network speeds increased but so is network capacity. If you’re wondering how MU-MIMO allows your network to carry four times the throughput.

This means faster transmission rates for your clients. So you have great internet in your home or office, even if you are accessing it from three rooms away.

Pocketinet is not like other service providers. Even though it is loaded with enhanced features, it remains within the user’s budget. As a result, Pocketinet provides increased efficiency at a low cost.

  1. Enhanced Features:

The real discussion begins here. Unlike other competitors, where the main discussion is about network performance, we are discussing the enhanced features that make this service worthwhile.

Pocketinet makes use of Wi-Fi 6 capabilities through its pocketzone app, which provides significant network leverage. Having said that, you get great range and signal strength.


With Pocketinet, you can improve client performance and coverage by 30%.

That is, if you have more than ten clients on your network, you will have no trouble running them all at the same time, even if they are all using a lot of internets.

In addition, advanced network optimization options are available.

By enabling a guest network, you can isolate your main network from clients who are only temporarily connected to the network, ensuring that the network’s balance is not disrupted.

Aside from that, you can choose which clients to allow internet access to and which to block. This management control allows you to monitor your network for any unauthorized connections.

Furthermore, testing the performance of your network can be a pain in the neck at times.

You may appear to be connected, but you are experiencing connection issues and slow network speeds. But don’t worry because they have the perfect tools for you.

With bandwidth testing, you can monitor your bandwidth consumption and check the performance of your network.

  1. Security:

This is the section you’ve been looking forward to reading. Pocketinet’s most significant advantage in making this service successful is its security features.

Pocketinet demonstrates its concern for its customers by providing a fully protected and secured network.

secure network 2

Having said that, it has strict threat monitoring and malware protection. Because the clients are usually online on the network, any of them could bring malicious software into your network without your knowledge.

As a result, Pocketinet provides ProtectIQ as a network guardian. With this security layer, you can keep your devices safe from malicious software and online threats while also providing a secure internet browsing experience.

It protects the network by scanning for threats and dealing with them in priority if any are discovered. And if a threat, virus, or malware is attached to your internet activity, ProtectIQ will block it before it reaches your device.

Furthermore, you receive real-time alerts for a blocked threat and information about the status of your protected network.

  1. User Reviews:

Customers have expressed their appreciation for Pocketinet’s performance, security, and dependability. With lower prices and improved features, you not only get a safer environment but also faster speeds and greater range.


According to users, the Pocketinet service is a great deal for both residential and commercial users. It is reliable, secure, and fast, and it optimizes your daily internet activities.

The Bottom Line: 

Pocketinet is an excellent way to increase the scalability of your network. You can enjoy an open internet with incredible security features if you have fast speeds, a consistent connection, and no data caps.

So, if you are looking for an internet service in your area, and Pocketinet is available, the service is excellent value for money.

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