PLEX Update Taking Forever? (4 Approaches To Fix)

plex update taking forever
plex update taking forever

PLEX is a fantastic application for storing and managing all of your important media in one place. Even though its quality features and great user experience have earned it a good reputation among other apps, many users are still concerned about the app’s performance.

Having said that, PLEX update taking forever is one the most frequently asked query among users. PLEX update taking forever is one of the most frequently asked queries by users. The PLEX update delay can be a reason for a wide range of problems, so we’ll go over it in depth in this article. Therefore, if you are having a similar problem we have you covered.

PLEX Update Taking Forever Troubleshooting:

  1. Check The Network Connection:

PLEX app updates and downloads the app over an internet connection. As a result, maintaining a consistent connection is essential for a faster update process. Your device may be connected to a network, but there is no connection or the connection is inconsistent, causing your PLEX update to fail.

Furthermore, updating over a mobile network could be one of the reasons for your delayed update process.  Because updates and downloads over mobile data are not recommended due to data consumption, it is possible that a large amount of data was used up and is now only available slowly. As a result, switch to a Wi-Fi network and ensure you have a strong connection to resolve the issue.

  1. Check The Activity Of Your Server:

If your PLEX is taking a long time to update or does not load at all, your servers may be down. It is dependent on the device you are using. as the PLEX developer servers are unlikely to go down unless there is a malfunction If the update has been inactive for an extended period, you can try restarting the update

  1. Clear The Cache Of Your Device:

Cache files and cookies can potentially deteriorate the performance of your device. As a result, cache and data storage could be a factor in why your PLEX update is taking so long. If you use the app or play store to update your PLEX, you should think about deleting the cache and memory of your play/app store. This will restart your update and resolve any issues that were causing the PLEX update to be delayed.

  1. Uninstall Your PLEX App:

Another workaround for the update problem is to uninstall and then reinstall the PLEX app. The updated version of the PLEX app will be installed on your device by default. This will save you the trouble of manually updating your app and will also determine whether the issue was with the servers or your Wi-Fi connection.

If your PLEX update is in the middle, cancel it and uninstall the PLEX app by going to your device’s Settings. Once the app has been uninstalled, clear the residual data from the phone and reinstall the app from the store.

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