Phone Silent Before Ringing: How To Fix?

phone silent before ringing
phone silent before ringing

With the boom of smartphones, we are seeing them everywhere and old traditional phones are getting scarce. These smartphones bring a lot of comfort and convenience to the plate, but at the same time, there are some technicalities that are hard to understand. There are simply too many settings that one can get lost among them and despite the fact that they are easy to use, sometimes you can stick with some basic things that you want to fix.

Phone Silent Before Ringing

Sometimes you can get the issue with the ringtone of your phone. Your phone stays silent for a while before ringing on a call and that is not something that you want. This leaves you with lesser time to take a call, and the person on the other end has to wait longer. If you are facing such issue on your smartphone and want to know how to fix this, there is nothing to panic about as you can do it yourself by following these simple solutions:

Ringtone Settings

Ringtone settings control the way your phone will behave whenever there is an alert on it. That is where you can control this weird thing happening to your phone. There is an alert interval delay interface that is set in different time settings. It might be set to 5 or 10 seconds so your phone starts ringing after that interval. This feature is quite useful for people with a desk job who keep their phones in their sight at all times on their desks so they can make any calls without disturbing anyone around that. However, you can turn this feature off as well and your phone will start ringing as soon as a call is received on the number.

There is also a pattern on your ringtone settings that controls the ringing mechanism. It got several options like Ring only, vibrate then ring, Vibrate only, and so on. So, it might be set on vibrate then ring, and your phone might be vibrating before ringing and that is what you want to solve. If it is on vibrate then ring settings, you will need to select ring only option.

There is also an option on your ringtone settings that increases the volume of ringtone gradually. That means it will keep increasing for the interval the call is ringing on your phone, and it can be really low in the beginning. You need to turn it off, and it will do the trick for you.

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