Net Buddy Review: Pros And Cons

netbuddy review
net buddy review

There are mainly a handful of wireless network operators in Northern America that are all the premium ones and there are no second opinions about the quality of their services. The MVNOs on the other hand is not limited and you get hundreds of options if you want to have an affordable service provider that is offering services at competitive prices. The limitations and formalities of joining those overboard networks have created the need for such network operators that can offer their minimalized services to the customers who need them.

Net Buddy

Net buddy is another MVNO that is offering its high-speed internet service to the most remote and rural areas in the US. They are mainly focusing on those areas where there is no other viable option of having high-speed internet availability. Net buddy is not offering services in such remote areas, but they are also amongst the cheapest internet service providers.

Net buddy being an MVNO uses AT&T towers to provide 4G LTE services to its consumers. There are certain plans and packages being offered by them that are impeccable in terms of pricing and utility for any person that is in a fix due to their location. They also have the option for you to choose 4G LTE on the Verizon network. The best part is, pricing for you remains the same. All you have to do is choose the best network that would be most suitable for your area according to the signal reception.


They have made their Sign-up process fairly simple and easy for you. There are no contracts involved and no credit checks required. You just have to pay for their services and get enrolled with them. The only issue that occurs with Net Buddy is that you will need to wait for a subscription for some time as being an MVNO, their network is not that strong. There are limited slots on their network that can cause you some inconvenience at times for new users. You are recommended to not keep them as your last option and keep an eye out there for other options as well.

There are some super cool options that you can get on signing-up with a Net buddy and some of those cool options are:

Bring your own SIM

Yes, you heard it right. You can bring your own SIM card from any network that is 4G LTE enabled and you can sign it up for Net Buddy without having to pay extra for a SIM Card. You might have to clear your previous dues of the carrier you had before but that is all. This would be a convenient option for you as you will not have to change your number or get a new number.


One thing that everyone loves about Net buddy is its wide compatibility. You can insert this sim into any USB stick, Wi-Fi hotspot, or even your PC if it supports a SIM card slot and bingo. You can start enjoying a super-fast internet experience over the 4G LTE network. There is also a list of recommended routers, hotspots, and USB stick antennas on the website that you can choose from and use them for best network performance.


That is one of the most alluring things that can attract you to Net Buddy. While there are other packages with data caps and limits that you always keep skipping and have to pay more than anticipated in the longer run. There is no such thing as that with Net Buddy. They are offering you unlimited bandwidth at a fixed monthly price. All you have to do is pay your bill once and keep enjoying the best service with no worries of exceeding limits. This is one of the most affordable internet options that you can get within the US.

They are also offering some of those routers and hotspots on the website that you can order directly. These routers and devices are also fairly priced which will save you lots in the longer run. If you are looking for some affordable solution for your internet needs. Net Buddy might just be the option for you. But you don’t want to make a hasty decision either.

Net Buddy Review: Pros And Cons

There are some pros and cons like any other network in the world and their top pros and cons are as follows.


The top pros that make Net Buddy irresistible for most consumers are:


Net Buddy is offering unlimited data plans in those areas where there is no coverage at all. Satellite internet might be something that can cross your mind but that is not affordable for everyone. You get 4G LTE coverage from a budge carrier for some of the most remote and rural areas in the US. They are using the strong network of AT&T that is well-known for optimal coverage. However, you might face data losses or speed issues since these networks don’t do that well in rural areas.

No-Data Caps

This is the second-best thing about Net Buddy. While you can opt for AT&T internet subscription as well, or any other popular 4G LTE network but they have data caps and if you exceed them, you will eventually end up paying more. This is one of the core reasons for Net Buddy’s popularity as there are no limitations. You can use as much data as you want and only pay a fixed monthly price for it. That is certainly something that sounds good.


Needless to say, there are some definitive cons to their service as well, such as:

Limited acceptance for new customers

The worst and most agonizing thing about Net Buddy is that there are no data caps, but they have a cap on accepting new customers. You might need to wait or get rejected at all if they are out of their quotas to accept new customers in your area.

Lousy Support

Their customer support is not something that they can boast of, or you can rely on. You are virtually on your own with almost zero customer support and that is not a good thing at all for any business.

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