Toshiba Satellite WiFi Wont Turn On Windows 10: 3 Ways To Fix

toshiba satellite wifi wont turn on windows 10
toshiba satellite wifi wont turn on windows 10

In the world of possibilities, nothing can really stop you from getting what you want. So, if you have landed here, you must be going through similar situations where your Toshiba Satellite Wi-Fi won’t turn on Windows 10 of your desktop PC or laptop.

Worry not, because we are here to your rescue. In this article, we are going to list the reasons why you face these Wi-Fi connectivity problems and what you can do to rectify this rather bizarre situation.

About Toshiba Satellite

The days of using telephone lines and Ethernet Cables to get connected to internet services are long forgotten. Instead, we now live in a modernized world where we have dishes and Satellites that can provide us with a much better working Internet Connection. Similarly, Toshiba, a well known Japanese company that’s been around the corner for so long, has also been an active technology provider in the form of its various products.

However, some people face an issue with their device connectivity when Toshiba Satellite Wi-Fi won’t turn on Windows 10.

Reasons Why Device Has Connectivity Issues

The best way to solve a problem is to predict the reasonable causes that could be behind the problem so that you can eliminate them. Therefore, we have searched and found the following possible causes that could be the reason why you facing those connectivity issues.

The problem may occur if you are using some older or outdated version of the driver that is installed on your device. It could be that driver that’s interfering with the connection and causing it to drop Wi-Fi signals coming from Toshiba Satellite on Windows 10. Or it could be that your Wi-Fi adapter might not be compatible with the Windows 10. Other than that, third-party security programs also become a reason for connectivity issues as they tend to block some features of your device.

Troubleshooting Toshiba Satellite WiFi wont turn on Windows 10

Follow through the given steps carefully to troubleshoot the connectivity issues that you’re facing with the Toshiba Satellite Internet Connection.

  1. Using the Keyboard

The easiest way to troubleshoot this issue would be to find a Wi-Fi button on your keyboard. You can easily find it on your laptop and you need to press the Fn key and follow as it commands.

  1. Using the Wi-Fi icon

The next method would be to search for a little Wi-Fi connection icon on your computer screens. You can find it on the toolbar. It looks like a frequency being raised. Click on that icon and you’ll see the Wi-Fi connection box. From there, you can select the available Wi-Fi connection,  enter the password key, and enjoy using free internet services.

  1. Using the Start menu

Third and the last way to troubleshoot Wi-Fi Disconnection issues is by adjusting the Wi-Fi settings of your devices.

  • Go to Windows Settings and click on the option that says “Network & Internet.”
  • There you’ll see Wi-Fi settings. Make the necessary adjustments in the Setting menu.
  • Don’t forget to toggle the Wi-Fi feature “On”.

Now, connect to your Toshiba Satellite WiFi and make sure that your router is working correctly.

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