PdaNet Hide Tether Usage (Explained)

pdanet hide tether usage
pdanet hide tether usage

Tethering, for those who are not aware of the tech lingo, is the simple act of configuring a mobile data device as an ‘ad hoc’ access point for other devices.

The device that is set to work as an access point must have mobile data, as wireless networks cannot be tethered with the current technology we have in smartphones.

It’s just like setting up a mobile to work as if it was a wireless router. It receives the internet signal from the carrier’s servers and distributes it through the connected devices.

Tethering is extremely useful for places that are too far from the closest internet signal-supplying device. For instance, most people have dead zones in their houses, where the router coverage area simply cannot reach.

sharing the same wi-fi connection

But these zones can receive internet signals through tethering. The feature is also useful if you find yourself sharing the same wi-fi connection with many other devices, as the quality of the signal might drop and you may not be able to perform more internet-demanding tasks.

There are some aspects to be aware of when tethering, though. Since you are sharing the signal from your smartphone, this may open doors for other devices to get information from it.

Most people, because of security reasons, refrain from sharing their connections with devices they don’t know. This is one of the best moves users can make to prevent their info or data from getting shared. As we cannot fully trust strangers, it might be best to keep your connection to yourself.

If you are aware of the security measures one should take when tethering and still want to share your connection with other devices, there is a number of apps that should allow your smartphone to work as a router.

Amongst the most famous are Maryfi, Foxfi, JoikuSpot, and many others. However, the most efficient app for tethering is still PdaNet, as it carries the highest compatibility levels of all. Also, due to its user-friendly features, PdaNet delivers the overall best performance.

Besides all the already mentioned excellent features, PdaNet is free to use, which means carriers won’t be able to charge you for its usage.

That is in itself a great breakthrough in tethering, as many carriers still charge extra bucks for subscribers who want to share their connections with others.

Most recent versions of Android offer users the possibility of sharing their internet connections through the wi-fi hotspot feature, which is actually the same thing as tethering. However, PdaNet offers users a bunch of features that cannot be found on wi-fi hotspots.

So, go to the Google Play app on your Android mobile and download the latest PdaNet version to establish an outstanding internet connection with your computer, laptop, or any other device you wish to connect to.

Meanwhile, keep in mind the security measures users should take when tethering. These measures will also be required when using PdaNet or any other tethering app, so let’s take a deeper look at how to safely share your connection when using PdaNet.

PdaNet Hide Tether Usage (Explained)

How To Safely Share Connections With PdaNet?

Safely Share Connections With PdaNet

As mentioned before, tethering or wi-fi hot-spotting has its perks. Unfortunately, there are people who make use of tethering apps to access and steal other people’s information or data.

As these people develop new ways of breaking into mobiles, the security levels of tethering apps have to be constantly increased. That is why it is so important to choose the correct app when tethering.

Most apps will definitely deliver the speeds you’re looking for while sharing your internet connection. However, very few of them, when developed, were thoroughly checked for security.

That is where PdaNet comes in to save not only the day but also your info and data. With its security features, this app allows you to share your internet connection free from worries.

So, if you make the right choice and go for PdaNet as your tethering app, simply follow the instructions below and have that extra safe connection sharing that will keep you hidden from possible break-ins.

Surely, with usage, the settings become easier and easier to work out. However, if this is the first time you are using the app, or if you simply forgot how to set the security features, here is what you should do:

What Are The Requirements Of PdaNet?

What Are The Requirements Of PdaNet

This outstanding tethering app doesn’t require much in terms of device specifications and should work fine with pretty much any computer or laptop in the market nowadays. In case you find your device suffering to deal with PdaNet, you should definitely consider upgrading its RAM or chipset.

As for the requirements of PdaNet, all you need on your computer or laptop is a Windows or Mac operational system and a USB Data Cable.

Once you check the requirements, follow the steps below to properly establish the security features of the app and enjoy extra-safe connection sharing. This means ‘hiding’ your tethering activity from any other device that is not among the ones you wish to share the connection with.

How To Properly Hide Tethering Activity With PdaNet:

Hide Tethering Activity With PdaNet

As connection sharing can be dangerous, users normally opt for hiding their tethering activity from devices that are not known. With PdaNet this procedure is fairly easy to perform.

So, simply follow the steps and set it up. Bear in mind, though, that the whole setup must be done before attempting to share the connection with any device. If you think about it, it’s like getting a lock for your door before buying expensive appliances.

  • First, and most obvious, download and install the PdaNet app on your mobile.
  • Then, do the same for the computer or laptop with which you want to share the connection. There are PdaNet versions for both Windows and Mac.
  • Once the installation is successfully completed, run the app on the computer or laptop.
  • Then, run the app also on the mobile that will serve as an access point.
  • Locate and access the option that says “Activate USB Mode Box” and, from there, scroll down to the “Hide Tether Usage” option.
  • On the next screen, select “Hide Tether Usage”. Some versions of the app will prompt users to save the changes before continuing. If that is the case, make sure to click on save.
  • Now you are free to perform the connection of the devices and tether away!

However, if you are thinking of using PdaNet while navigating in anonymous mode on your browser, the same “Hide Tethering Usage” option can be found on the Wireless Settings tab in the general settings.

Bear in mind, though, that not every device has the option through the browser, so make sure yours is amongst the ones that have it before attempting to safely navigate in anonymous mode with PdaNet.

prevent using third-party tethering

Lastly, there is always the chance your carrier will attempt to prevent you from using third-party tethering apps. This is mainly because they normally offer the feature with your internet plan but charge extra for that.

So, by using PdaNet you are stopping them from making the extra bucks.

In A Nutshell

people who live in more remote areas

Tethering is extra useful for people who live in more remote areas of the country, as mobile data signals should reach them, but wi-fi connections may be tough to set up.

This doesn’t mean they cannot get fast and stable wireless network signals. Simply download and install PdaNet and configure it to hide your tethering usage. That way, you can be sure to have a safe and excellent internet connection – even in remote areas.

Finally, if you find out about other relevant information concerning PdaNet and safer ways to tether, don’t keep them to yourself.

Share that extra knowledge with all of us through the comments box below and help others get the best out of their connection-sharing apps. Also, with every piece of feedback, our community grows stronger and more united. So, don’t be shy and tell us all about what you found out!

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  1. when I enable hide usage, it does not hide my usage. My carrier is still showing that i us data. when I use USB tether and I dont like the hotpot direct opition because for some reason it drops me to 40-60 KB/s, pleas help, how can I really hide my usage

    God Bless You and Stay Safe 🙂

  2. @Josh – It doesn’t hide your data, it hides the way you are using it. For me my cell co allows only 5Mbps via the phones wifi hotspot or usb tether. PDAnet erases that limitation and I get a much better speeds that I can broadcast a live stream on Twitch. However, I’m having an issue with being able to be found when using PDAnet. I’m doing testing today to see if that is the difference.

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