Verizon Text Over WiFi (Explained With Features)

verizon text over wifi
verizon text over wifi

Verizon is undoubtedly one of the most premium and best telecommunication services all across the globe and they are offering some topnotch features along with the quality of their connection and fairly priced tariffs. They have gained their popularity considerably and people prefer to use Verizon for their day to day needs of communication.

However, competition is growing each day and you can’t just rely on the efficiency of your service or fair prices all the time to have the best place among consumers and retain all those happy customers. New features and services are being introduced by Telecommunication companies each day to increase their customers and grow rapidly.

Verizon Text Over WiFi

Verizon Text over WiFi is one such service that does not only add to the list of useful features for Verizon that are being highly appreciated by the consumers but also puts them at a place where no other company is offering similar services.

You might have heard about Verizon calls over WiFi service that allows you to make calls and receive them over WiFi for better connectivity on your phone the same way as you would place calls over your cellular network. Verizon Text over WiFi works the same way and let’s have a look at how it works, and what perks it brings to the table for consumers

How does it work?

If you have an active Verizon number and you want to activate their texts over WiFi service, you can easily do that and start receiving texts over WiFi instead of your cellular network. This service allows you to send texts from your Verizon app to any mobile number in the world and they are going to receive it on their Verizon texts over WiFi application if they have the service, or on their cellular network as you have sent the message from your own number.

The feature would work great for you as we all can agree that WiFi or the internet is much faster than a regular cellular network. But that is not all. If you have activated the Verizon Texts over WiFi service, you will not only be able to send the text messages over WiFi but will also be able to receive any messages that are being sent to your number over a WiFi connection even if you don’t have signals on your cellular network or you are having some troubles with it.

There are certain cool features that would make you want the service even more such as


1. Group chat

We all know how much we love and need a group chat feature for our mobile phones. With Verizon Texts over WiFi service, you can create group chats on your mobile app for Verizon that allows you to send texts to multiple people at a single time and being connected with them. This way, even if a person is sending a text from their cellular network, it will be sent to all the numbers on a group chat and everyone is going to have access to it.

2. Driving Mode

You can enable driving mode on your Verizon Texts over WiFi app when you are away or driving and it will let the senders know that you are unavailable at the moment and will send an auto-reply stating that you will text them back when you are able to. You can toggle it on your app with a simple click and have the auto-reply on your number even if someone is texting you from their cellular network on your Verizon number.

3. Kanvas

Kanvas is one of the coolest features out there about Verizon that will allow you to create cute texts that you can send over the network. It allows you to add stickers to your texting, doodle freely, or even edit your photos and send them as a text over WiFi.

While texts with media can cost you more over a cellular network, on Verizon texts over WiFi it is free and you will only have to pay for the service activated as a whole. You can also add backgrounds to your chat and add a profile picture that will be shown to your contacts. It is like having a hybrid messaging app on your Verizon activated number.

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