Simple Mobile Data Not Working: 7 Ways To Fix

simple mobile data not working
simple mobile data not working

Mobile data has become essential for smartphones to ensure proper functionality. It’s safe to say that smartphones are nearly useless without an internet connection. For this purpose, people use Simple network for their high-quality mobile data.

However, the users often complain about Simple mobile data not working. If you are struggling with mobile data issue, we are sharing the solutions with you!

Simple Mobile Data Not Working

1) Poor Coverage

When it comes down to Simple network, they have antennas and poles at different locations to transmit internet signals for users who subscribe for mobile data. So, if mobile data is not working, there are chances that you are far away from the pole and have poor wireless coverage.

In case you are indoors, it is better to move closer to the building’s perimeter and windows for accessing better signal coverage. If possible, it is better to move to outside locations because the wireless coverage is better.

2) Mobile Data Limit

In the majority of cases, the mobile data plans by Simple have limited data and it’s hard to keep track of mobile data usage. That being said, if mobile data is not working, there are chances that you have reached and exceeded the mobile data limit. It doesn’t matter if you have subscribed for the daily packaging, weekly package, or monthly package, you have to consider the data limits.

If possible, check the status of mobile data or call Simple customer support to ask for the details. In case you have reached the data limit, you have to settle the bills.

3) Rebooting The Smartphone

Everyone reboots their devices to fix the issues and it’s one of the most suitable solutions. So, if the mobile data is not working, we suggest that you reboot the smartphone. Yes, we understand that it’s a cliché point but it can streamline the data connectivity. Rebooting guidelines are different for every smartphone, so you can opt for airplane mode.

When you switch on airplane mode, you have to wait for one to two minutes before you switch it off. Once the airplane mode is switched off, it will make the smartphone a few seconds to establish a connection with Simple.

4) Airplane Mode

In some cases, people switch on airplane mode without even realizing it. That being said, if airplane mode is switched on, you have to check from the settings and switch it off. When airplane mode is switched off, it will take a few seconds for establishing the connection, but after it, the connection will be streamlined. In addition to checking the airplane mode from settings, you can pull down the notification bar on the smartphone and switch it off.

5) SIM Card

Whenever the mobile data starts acting up with a Simple network, you have to remove the SIM card from the smartphone and wait for a few seconds. Also, blow into the SIM card port to remove the built-up dust. That being said, you have to clean up the SIM card and reinsert it into the SIM card slot. Once you reinsert the SIM card, it is better to reboot the smartphone to ensure the connectivity is ensured. Ideally, you should switch off the smartphone before you remove the SIM card, so do whatever suits you!

6) Reset The APN

Simple communicates to the smartphone through APNs. The APN includes different settings, such as gateway settings and IP address for connecting to the internet. However, there are bound have issues with APNs since they are sensitive and can result in mobile data issues. In that case, you can reset the APN and it will fix the mobile data issues.

For resetting the APN, you have to open wireless networks from the settings and open the mobile networks tab. Then, tap on APN and click on “reset to default.” As a result, the mobile data will be optimized.

7) Customer Support

Whenever there are issues with the mobile data and you are unable to fix it with the solutions mentioned above, you can call Simple customer support. This is because there can be backend issues with Simple internet connections that are causing the mobile data issues. So, call them at 1-877-878-7908 for getting in touch with Simple customer support and they will fix the issue for you!

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