How To Bypass Hotel WiFi Throttling? (Explained)

bypass hotel wifi throttling
bypass hotel wifi throttling

If you use social media a lot or store up your data on cloud services. Then you should know the importance of having an internet connection. This allows users to use tons of features and services on their devices within a few clicks. This is exactly why the internet has become such an important part of almost everyone’s lives.

There are many ways for getting a connection at your home. However, if you are out traveling then this list narrows down. In some cases, you might be staying at a hotel. The only option for you will be to use the Wi-Fi connection provided. While this is an amazing thing, there are still some issues that you can run into.

Hotel Wi-Fi Throttling

One of the most common issues that people can have while trying to use public connections or hotel Wi-Fi systems is network throttling. You might wonder what this means at first. Bandwidth or Wi-Fi throttling usually refers to when you are using the network on your device and it starts buffering. ISP’s usually limit the overall bandwidth that users can get access to which slows down their speed.

This is possible because these companies can monitor the usage of their users and then limit the network accordingly. This process is generally used so that all the users on the network can easily get access to the internet without it getting slowed down for everyone.

How to Bypass Hotel Wi-Fi Throttling?

As we have mentioned above that the only reason why companies can throttle the speed for your system is that they know what resources you are using. Considering this, if you want to bypass this, then the easiest method is by using a VPN service on your device.

These software or programs allow their users to access websites through a safe protocol.

This cannot be accessed even by your ISPs and allows a safe channel. This is why by using these on your connection you should easily be able to bypass the throttling.

Many different brands manufacture these VPN services. Many of them are free of cost, although, it is important to note that the areas that you will have will be limited.

If you want a service that gives you access to the best speeds possible then you will have to subscribe to their packages. Aside from this, make sure that the software you download is from a reliable company.

This is important because there are many programs on the web that can infect your device with a virus. This can then end up deleting all of your data.

The best method to find a reliable VPN is by searching for reviews and recommendations. This should allow you to find one that will best suit your needs. It is important to go through all the specifications for these programs before deciding to download them.

Lastly, one other method Is by taking a spare router with yourself that has a private bandwidth limit set on it. This will act the same as your VPN program.

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