6 Ways To Fix Netgear C3000 Wi-Fi Not Working

netgear c3000 wifi not working
netgear c3000 wifi not working

Netgear C3000 has become a reliable choice for people who want a high-end cable modem. That’s because the cable modem helps create an error-free Ethernet connection because it eliminates the chances of wireless signal interruption. The best thing about this unit is that it’s a cable modem router, which means it can be used for wireless connection as well. On the contrary, if Netgear C3000 Wi-Fi not working issue is hampering your internet experience, we have some solutions that you can try!

Netgear C3000 Wi-Fi Not Working Fix

1. Opt For Ethernet Connection

If the Wi-Fi is not working and the speed is slower than the network speed you usually get, it’s recommended that you opt for an Ethernet connection. For this purpose, it’s recommended that you connect the Ethernet cable to the router and test the internet speed with the help of an internet speed test. If the internet speed is fine with the Ethernet connection, it’s best that you keep using it. The Ethernet connections are usually faster than Wi-Fi connections, so try it out for streaming and gaming.

2. Position

In case you don’t want to try the Ethernet cable to improve the internet speed and want to keep using the wireless connection, it’s recommended that you check the router’s position. To illustrate, the router must be placed in a central location to make sure the Wi-Fi connection is extended to every part of the home. Also, you must select the access points to make sure the wireless connection is extended.

3. Wireless Channels

Just like the majority of routers in the market, Netgear C3000 is another router with a dual-band configuration. However, which channel you choose can directly impact the internet speed. In most cases, the internet speed is slowed down when you select the 2.4GHz band because it usually has more traffic. The solution is to opt for a 5GHz wireless channel because this channel is not congested and promises a more reliable internet connection. However, the 5GHz connection will have a limited range.

4. Refresh The Network

Another thing that you can try is to refresh the network. The most common way of refreshing the network is to reboot the router, but you can also turn on airplane mode on the device for a few minutes. When you turn on the airplane mode, the Wi-Fi connection will be cut off. After a few minutes, turn off the airplane mode and connect to the Wi-Fi again.

5. Reset

If nothing is working out and the Wi-Fi is still not working, the only solution is to reset the router. That’s because resetting the router to factory default settings will delete the incorrect settings that are slowing down the wireless internet speed. So, just press the reset button on the router with a paperclip or needle for a few seconds, and the settings will be reverted to the factory settings. Keep in mind that resetting the wireless settings will delete the customized settings, and you will have to set up the connection again.

6. Call The ISP

If you are using the internet plan from another company than Netgear and the Wi-Fi is not working, it’s recommended that you call the internet service provider. That’s because there could be a network outage that causes the slow wireless connection. In addition, the internet service provider will help check and adjust the signal levels to improve the speed.

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