TiVo Bolt vs TiVo Bolt Plus: What’s The Difference?

tivo bolt vs bolt plus
tivo bolt vs bolt plus

TiVo is a renowned brand among users who love to record movies and TV shows but also want access to live TV. This is because TiVo has various DVRs that offer a multitude of features. For this reason, we are talking about TiVo Bolt vs. Bolt Plus.

With this article, we are sharing information about both these DVRs, so are you ready to find out the details?

TiVo Bolt vs TiVo Bolt Plus

TiVo Bolt

This DVR is a perfect DVR designed for the cord-cutter which allows the users to watch the broadcasts and live streaming and recording them from various resources. With TiVo Bolt, the users must sign up for the subscription but the streaming video options are pretty much limited. It is available in a black box and a shiny surface. It has a slightly bent exterior which looks amazing but cannot be crammed into tight corners.

It has a plastic construction that can take up smudges and fingerprints. At the front of the unit, there are two LEDs, red and green which indicate if the DVR is switched on and recording. There are four tuners designed in TiVo Bolt which means it can record around three programs at one time while the 4th tuner helps watch the content. On the back, there is a coaxial input port for the antenna, two USB ports, an ethernet port, HDMI, and a 3.5mm audio port.

It comes with the 1TB hard drive but you can connect the external hard drive with more storage in the SATA port. As for price, the unit costs around $249 while the subscription costs around $6.99 on a monthly basis. It must be connected to the antenna and TV to access and use the features. It also has a remote control which has the channel buttons, volume buttons, circulation navigation button, and voice search buttons. In addition, there is another circular button for controlling the playback.

With the remote control, the users can reverse, play, fast forward, and pause the content. Moreover, there is a number pad on the bottom and there are special buttons for opening Netflix app and skipping the commercials. For the most part, TiVo Bolt comes with a sparse interface since there are various icons, thumbnails, and program suggestions. There is a voice search button available and you can access around twenty-one streaming apps with TiVo Bolt.

TiVo Bolt Plus

This is the latest DVR designed for the TiVo users and is designed with all the features of TiVo Bolt but it has two additional tuners. In addition, the storage space has been increased to 3TB but they have removed OTA recording with it. TiVo Bolt Plus has a lightweight and attractive design. It is designed with a glossy black appearance and the remote control has a matching color. At the front, there is a TiVo logo along with a green LED. There are amber and red lights as well but they are hidden.

However, if you do some activity, record, or use the remote, these LEDs will light up. On the back, there is an ethernet port, HDMI port, 2 USB ports, SATA connector for people who want to connect an additional hard drive for increased storage. Moreover, there is a power connection, optical audio output, along with the remote finder button. TiVo Bolt Plus also has a hatch below the unit which can cover up the slot for the cable card.

With this unit, the users can record five programs and stream on the sixth one. The users can also watch various shows at one time if they set up the TiVo Mini boxes in the home at different locations. The users need to subscribe to the digital cable subscription since there is no OTA recording feature available. Also, if you don’t have a subscription, you won’t be able to record TV from the antenna. It has the 3TB hard drive available which can record up to three thousand hours of video content.

The best thing about TiVo Bolt Plus is the easy service and setup. In addition, you have to subscribe to the service if you want access to the updates, remote accessibility, and guide data. As for the service, it costs around $15 on a monthly basis. To summarize, it’s one of the most flexible DVRs designed by TiVo but it would be better if it wasn’t so expensive.

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