3 Ways To Fix OBi PPS6180 Number Not Reachable

obi pps6180 number not reachable
obi pps6180 number not reachable

Whether you are calling your loved ones or you need to make an emergency business call, OBi is the solution for you. The device will allow you to make your calls way easier than ever. It will enable you to create a combination between your internet and VoIP to make regular phone calls easy.

But, what if you start to face issues with the OBi. Most of the OBi users have reported about the OBi PPS6180 number not reachable. It may be quite uncomfortable for you if you are witnessing such issues. If you are one of those unfortunate users facing this issue, follow this article religiously. Doing so will allow you to get rid of all of your problems.

How To Fix OBi PPS6180 Number Not Reachable?

Why Are You Facing Such Issues?

Many reasons may lead you to such a situation. It may be because of internal issues with OBi. Moreover, this problem may link with your GV number too. What you need to do in order to overcome this issue is to be with us to the end. The article will introduce you to some of the best troubleshooting methods for getting rid of the issue.

1. Reset The OBi

Sometimes the solution to your biggest problems lies in a simple reset. According to OBiTALK.com, if you face an issue related to a PPS6180 number not reachable, then what you need to do is give the device a simple reset. It will allow you to get rid of the issue that you are facing.

For resetting, you will have to press the reset button for more or less 20 seconds and then wait for the auto-reset process to complete. After this turn on the OBi and you will find it quite helpful to overcome your problems. It works most of the time and will resolve the issue to the fullest.

2. Reinstall The GV Number

The GV or the Google Voice number is responsible for your calling and if a simple reset does not resolve the issue, then what you need to do is reinstall the GV number. After the reset, you’ll have to reinstall the GV number again. It is one of the most followed methods to avoid the above issue. You need to go through a simple reinstall, and all of your problems will vanish in seconds.

3. Reach Out Customer Care

If the number not reachable is not yet resolved, you need to contact the OBi customer care providers. It may be your last resort, but it will help you craft the ultimate solution for your issue. What you need to do is call OBi customer care, or you may mail them at [email protected]. It will enable you to design the best possible solution for you.


To conclude things, it will not be incorrect to say that the article has provided you with some of the best possible solutions to overcome the issue. In the draft, you will know some essential knowledge to avoid facing issues while using OBi.

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