3 Ways To Fix OBi The OAuth Client Was Disabled

obi the oauth client was disabled
obi the oauth client was disabled

OBi is one of the most trusted companies for analog telephone adaptor. But this is not what will attract you towards it. OBi is renowned for making people’s lives easy by letting them interact through phone calls with easy accessibility and compatibility.

But, have you ever seen an issue when OBi open authorization client was disabled? It is what most people are facing nowadays, which may be quite disturbing if not resolved quickly. According to OBiTALK, it is something they are working on, and for you, we have brought some methods to overcome this issue soon.

How To Fix OBi The OAuth Client Was Disabled?

Why Such Issues Occur

Most of the time, these issues are related to lousy connectivity and need to be resolved by the service provider. But, there are some ways to resolve such small problems from your end too. Here, through this article, we will help you get rid of the OAuth Client disability. Follow the draft to the end, and we will provide you with some of the most promising methods to overcome your issues with no effort placed.

1. Switch From GVoice 

The issue of Oauth Client disabled was reported only by those using Google Voice account while using the built-in OAuth. So, if you are using Google Voice and your OBi, then the idea to resolve this issue is to switch to call centric. It will allow you to overcome the problem with no effort placed. So, without wasting further time to resolve your issue while using GV, switch to call centric.

2. Restart the Device

Giving a restart to your OBi may allow you to avoid this issue to some extent. You need to restart the device while making sure to give it some time before plugging in. If the problem is not resolved with a single restart, then what you need to do is restart on a loop. It will take you 4 to 5 restarts before you get to normal. This should be able to fix your issue. If not, then keep on reading the draft.

3. Reach Out Customer Care

The issue about the client being disabled was linked to the OBi, and thus the solution lies in their hands. So, if the problem is not resolved after all of your efforts, then the last option to choose is by contacting the customer care providers of OBi. It is one of the best methods to overcome your issue. OBi has got the best customer care, providers. They will assist you to the end of your issue. If you want to avoid your issue quickly, then waste no time and reach out the OBi customer care.


In the draft, you will get the chance to have your hands on the best possible methods to avoid facing the issue mentioned above. The article is designed to help you overcome your problems. Follow the above-given techniques, and you will be able to get rid of your issues. If you have any difficulty, then let us know in the comment box.

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