Compare Nighthawk X6 vs X6s

nighthawk x6 vs x6s

NETGEAR Nighthawk series is the best thing that you can get for added performance, speed, and stability. They make some super-efficient routers that are unmatched in terms of performance, speed, power, and connectivity. Being on a bit expensive side, there are fewer consumers for NETGEAR routers, but those who have higher needs than an average user will also be preferring NETGEAR over any other manufacturer.

Nighthawk x6 vs x6s are too different models that are being offered by NETGEAR. X6s being the latest version is obviously a better thing to have, but to know the actual difference between both, you need to have a better look at specifications. You might have just got the x6 and might be wondering if it is worth upgrading to x6s or simply planning a new router and considering which one to get.

Nighthawk X6 vs X6s


We are not going to tell you about the features on both of these, but today we will be discussing the important differences that separate these two and make x6s better than the earlier version so you can decide if those differences are worth to get yourself an upgrade or you don’t actually need them and compromise on them.

Process Upgrade

While x6 runs a 1Ghz processor that is fast enough to get the most done for a router, you get a super-enhanced processor with 1.8Ghz on the x6s making it the fastest router you can get your hands on. Speaking of that, almost double the processing power will significantly increase your router performance, internet speed and overall connectivity experience will be enhanced greatly. So, if you are a hardcore gamer or have extensive internet usage, you must get this upgrade for you.

Port Aggregation Support

The x6s version supports port aggregation that can combine two Gigabit Ethernet ports to improve the aggregated file transfer speed. This means that the power that is being distributed to two different ethernet ports on your router can be focused on one so you can get better speed on the ethernet port. This will only work if you use it with an ethernet device that supports link aggregation like NAS or so. If you don’t have to transfer really large files daily, this feature might not be something that you are going to need in near future as Gigabit Ethernet ports on these routers are super-fast anyways.

Memory Upgrade

A considerable difference that you get on x6s as compared to x6 is the RAM upgrade. While both these routers are equipped with the same 128 MB of Flash memory that is pretty much enough for any router. You get 512 MB of ram on the x6s compared to 256 MB on the x6. Doubling the ram coupled with the high performing processor will get you the right edge of speed, power, and performance on this router that is so far unmatched in the world. So, if having more RAM on the router matters for you, you should definitely treat yourself with this upgrade.

Upgraded Wireless Speed

Wireless speed on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz is enhanced on the x6s version. You get to enjoy up to 4Ghz speed distributed to both the frequencies that are so far not available with any other version of the NETGEAR routers. This will enhance the speed experience on all your Wireless devices for you considerably and you can enjoy a truly fascinating experience on all the internet devices that you might be using at your home or office network.

MU-NMO Support

This router is a device of the future. MU-NMO is a technology that allows your router to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously. In a typical Wi-Fi router and even an x6 model, your router communicates with one device at a time. That is why you might see a slight issue of speed if you have more devices connected with your router. However, with MU-NMO that problem is resolved.

The only catch is that this feature must be supported by all devices, otherwise, you won’t be able to connect them with your Wi-Fi network. Since most of the devices that we are running today are not compatible with the MU-NMO, this feature might not be in use for the near feature.

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