3 Ways To Fix Cox Throttling Netflix

cox throttling netflix
cox throttling netflix

Cox is an American Cable Television company that provides its customers with high-speed internet, TV streaming- live and on-demand, home telephone system.

But, what is haunting most of the Cox customers is that they have felt that Cox is throttling Netflix. Netflix has now become one of the most-watched platforms for TV shows, and Movies and people hate when it is not running correctly.

In this article, we will discuss Cox throttling Netflix and its ultimate solution. So be with us till the end of resolving your issues.

Ways To Fix Cox Throttling Netflix

Watching Netflix through Cox is relatively easy, and it also provides you with a free trial period. But, most of the Cox customers have reported the issue that Cox throttle Netflix ruins their experience of watching Netflix through Cox.

Netflix will undoubtedly throttle if you are using Cox. But, here we have brought you some solution that will assist you to watch Netflix movies and shows with no issues faced. Below are mentioned some of the solutions for a better Netflix experience with Cox.

  1. Sign Up a Good VPN

A good VPN will stop Cox from seeing the data and the traffic on your server. These are the only things that affect your bandwidth speed and let Cox throttle your Netflix. Moreover, due to Covid-19, Netflix itself throttled its quality of streaming and subtitle. So, it is possible that you will not get perfection, but it will be better enough to watch.

Moreover, Netflix may notice that you are using a VPN even when in the United States of America, so it will block your access. So, for this, you need to use some of the best VPN that will never allow Netflix to trace them.

  1. Always Use Netflix through App

Cox keeps an eye on the data flowing through your browser, which helps it throttle Netflix accordingly. So, to avoid this, try using a good app for running Netflix. It will restrain Cox to a level that it won’t gauge the data flow.

This method will let you watch Netflix with Cox without any throttling or discomfort.

  1. Choose the Fastest Server

Some providers themselves select the fastest server for you and if not, then choose the most secured server following your geographical location. It will allow you to increase bandwidth and let you watch Netflix with ease.


In the article, we have provided you with some of the best solutions for reducing throttling for watching Netflix. Read every solution carefully and apply for quality Netflix streaming.

The aforementioned methods are some of the most used by Cox customers for avoiding Netflix throttling. All of them are useful enough to try and work well for mitigating Netflix’s throttling. Try any of the methods mentioned above for watching Netflix with premium quality. For further queries, you can also leave a comment. We will try to provide you with the best possible solutions.

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