Compare NETGEAR GS108 vs GS308

netgear gs108 vs gs308
netgear gs108 vs gs308

Netgear is one of the most renowned, efficient, and performance-oriented network equipment manufacturers around the world. Netgear products are endorsed worldwide for stability and fast performance with the right essence of durability to them.

NETGEAR GS108 vs GS308

With NetGear, you can have the peace of mind that you are having the best equipment that you can get your hands on for your home or office network. In addition to routers and modems, NetGear also manufactures some of the best Gigabit switches that are unmatched in terms of performance. Today, we are going to have a look at two such switches and compare them for the features, pros, and cos.

Netgear GS108

Netgear GS108 is a commendable Gigabit switch offered by them that has 8 ports on it. Needless to say, that you can plug in 7 devices simultaneously into the switch if you are using an ethernet connection or 8 devices if you connect it through a Wi-Fi connection. The best thing about this switch is that it got a Plug and Play interface that allows you to just plug in your devices and start using them without any configuration or settings. Top features that would make it the best choice for you to have are:


The performance on this switch is impeccable. You will get 1 Gigabit connection over all the ports that are connected to the switch to ensure a seamless, and fast internet connectivity through all the devices. You can plug it into Gaming consoles, Laptops, PCs, Smart TVs, or even Wi-Fi router and enjoy super-fast networking speeds without even feeling that a switch is placed between them.


GS108 comes with a phenomenal design that fits any desktop or wall-mount placement. This way, you can have the best networking without much hassle of wires and stuff. Netgear GS108 makes things easier for you as there is no configuration required for any sort of device and it supports a Plug and Play operation for any sort of device that you might want to connect with the switch. Also, you get a no-fan design so there is no additional noise of any sort coming out of the switch at all.


Durability is as good as it can get on any networking switch. The rigid design protects it from any sort of wear and tear even if used roughly and it has been rigorously tested for reliability so you can rest assured that your switch is not going to die on you anytime.

NetGear GS308

NetGear GS308 is another 8-port switch being offered by NETGEAR as a part of their 300-switch series. It comes packed with all the features that you can find on GS108 but is a slightly better and upgraded version. The main differences are obviously under the hood, but there are some essentially enhanced features that you need to consider if you are looking for a new router. In addition to all the features and perks that you can enjoy on the earlier version, on GS308 you also get to have:

Fast Ethernet

While the GS108 is limited to Gigabit Ethernet only, Netgear GS308 provides you a choice to choose between fast ethernet or gigabit ethernet connectivity according to your network connection and requirements. This will ensure that you are not being switched down on the speed due to your switch and are getting the best out of your ethernet connection.

Metal housing

Even the plastic housing on the earlier version was sturdy enough to last you for years without causing any issues at all. But the GS308 comes with a rigid looking metal housing that ensures more durability and sturdiness for your switch. This adds an additional layer of protection for your switch and you can use it under any conditions at your home or office without having to swear about it.

Energy Efficient

The technology that is used on GS308 makes it more energy-efficient than the GS108. Your switch will simply be having more done with less power consumption and you can have a stable and better performance from your switch overall.

Extended Support

The best thing about getting the GS308 is that it is one of the latest versions being offered by Netgear and have support active from them. On the other hand, GS108 has been discontinued and you will not be able to get the right support for that switch.

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