NETGEAR Wireless On/Off Button Is Not Working? 4 Things To Check

netgear wireless on/off button not working
netgear wireless on/off button not working

Because many people are unfamiliar with the function of the wireless on/off button on their NETGEAR routers, it is necessary to first understand what the Wi-Fi button does. Since NETGEAR routers are dual-band routers, you can choose between 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bandwidths. As a result, NETGEAR gives you the ability to turn your 2.5GHz or 5GHz bands on and off as needed with your wireless on/off Wi-Fi button

Coming to the point, many users have complained about the NETGEAR wireless on/off button not working on their routers. To that end, we will be discussing some ways to resolve the bug.

NETGEAR Wireless On/Off Button Not Working

1. Reboot Your Router:

Rebooting your router is an excellent workaround for router-related issues. If your router has been running for a long time without a break, your hardware, specifically the LED lights and various router buttons, may fail to function properly. This may cause your router’s performance to suffer. As a result, it is critical to reboot your router now and then to give it a break from its routine work and to install any necessary updates.

You can disconnect all the cables from your routers and disconnect the power adapter from the electrical outlet. Let your NETGEAR router rest for about 30 seconds and reconnect the cables to their respective slots. Makes sure that your connection is firm and turn on your router. Check to see if the problem is fixed.

2. Enable Wireless Router Radio:

If your wireless Wi-Fi button is working but it does not connect to a frequency band then you should try enabling the Wireless Router Radio from the router’s admin web page. For this, you need to access your router’s log-in page using the default web address and sign in using your network credentials. Once you enter your home page go to the ADVANCED setting and tap on the Advanced setup option.  Next, select the Wireless Settings and scroll up to find the Enable Wireless Router Radio option. Check the box and click Apply to save changes.

3. Band Settings From The Web Interface:

If you previously configured your wireless band settings using the admin web interface, you will not be able to switch bands or toggle your 2.4/5GHz band settings using your wireless Wi-Fi button. As a result, if you configured your settings through the web interface, you can only use the web page to switch Wi-Fi bands on and off.

4. Defective Wi-Fi Button:

For 5 seconds, press and hold your router’s wireless Wi-Fi on/off button until your Wi-Fi light turns on. You have now activated your wireless radios. If the LEDs do not illuminate, there is most likely a problem with the Wi-Fi button. It’s possible that your router’s wireless button is faulty, or that your LEDs are dysfunctional.  In this case, make sure to contact NETGEAR customer service for additional technical assistance or, in some cases, request a replacement.

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