4 Solutions To NETGEAR R4500 Power Light Blinking

netgear r4500 power light blinking
netgear r4500 power light blinking

The NETGEAR R4500 is an excellent choice for optimizing your home networking experience with its improved range and faster broadband speeds. One of the best features that NETGEAR provides is an easy-to-use interface that can assist many regular users in diagnosing and repairing their home network. To that end, the LED lights on NETGEAR routers have proven to be extremely helpful to NETGEAR users, as they can timely apprise you as to why your router is behaving in a certain way.

Since NETGEAR R4500 power light blinking is one of the common areas of concern for users, we will be discussing ways to troubleshoot the issue in this article.

NETGEAR R4500 Power Light Blinking:

1. Update Firmware:

Green blinking power LED usually indicates that your NETGEAR router’s firmware is corrupted or outdated. Typically, your firmware update has been disrupted, or your router is unable to accept the current firmware. Because firmware updates are the most important component of your router’s improved performance, you should always be on the lookout for them.

That being said, it is advisable to update your firmware by accessing the admin web page of your NETGEAR router using the default http://www.routerlogin.net web address. Click the Advanced option, select the Administration tab and click on the firmware upgrade. Your router should start the update.

2. Reboot The Router:

Sometimes, your router might have successfully downloaded the router’s firmware update but may be unable to install it due to an interruption. As a result, rebooting your router will not only install your firmware update but will also fix common errors, one of which may be the cause of your blinking power light.

To perform a reboot, disconnect all cable connections from your router, including the power outlet, and wait 30 seconds. This may give your router enough time to install any necessary updates. Reconnect the power supply and wait for the router to stabilize or until the power light illuminates. Check to see if the blinking light problem has been resolved.

3. Check Your Router’s Power Adapter:

Another reason your router may display a blinking LED power light is that your NETGEAR R4500 is not receiving enough or adequate power to reboot. Your router may be stuck in a reboot loop, which is why you can’t see a steady power light. Therefore, it is recommended to use the NETGEAR R4500’s specific power adapter rather than any other that may not function properly. Furthermore, if you have connected your power adapter to an extension cord or a power strip, please consider connecting it to a direct electrical socket.

4. Contact The NETGEAR Customer Care:

If the problem with the blinking power light persists, it is best to contact NETGEAR customer service for assistance. it is conceivable that your router or the power LED light is defective and necessitates inspection. You can contact NETGEAR through their official website or by email.

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