4 Fixes To Netgear WNR2000V4 Wireless Not Working

netgear wnr2000v4 wireless not working
netgear wnr2000v4 wireless not working

Wireless internet connections have become extremely common since they promise interruption-free internet connections for multiple devices. Netgear WNR2000V4 is one of the best wireless routers designed by the company and promises a strong wireless connection to the users. However, Netgear WNR2000V4 wireless not working is a common problem, but you can optimize the wireless connection with the troubleshooting guide mentioned in this article!

Fixing Netgear WNR2000V4 Wireless Not Working:

1. Reboot Your Router

First of all, you have to try rebooting the router to see if it fixes the wireless internet connection. That’s because it fixes an array of network issues. It doesn’t matter if the connection is dropping or you are unable to load the websites; you should turn off your wireless internet router and let it rest for ten minutes. Then, turn on the router and try using the internet. The reboot process is quite simple, but if you’ve also connected the modem, you need to unplug its power cable as well. In addition to this, if there is a power switch, you have to reboot it as well.

2. Overheating

Just like other electronic devices available on the market, wireless routers are also prone to overheating. The overheating is not only damaging to the router’s internal components but slows down the internet connection as well. For this reason, we recommend that you touch the router, and if it’s hot to touch, you have to disconnect it from the power plug and let it cool down. When the router cools down, reconnect it again, and it will work. In addition to this, it’s recommended that you place the router in an open space where it gets sufficient airflow (don’t block the air vents).

3. Cables

If the router is not overheated and the reboot hasn’t fixed the wireless internet issues, you have to check the cables and make sure they are securely connected. In some cases, people forget to connect the cables to the routers, or the cables become loose. So, check the cables and connect them tightly to the router’s ports. In addition to this, you should ensure that the cables are connected to the correct ports because incorrect port connections also impact the network connections. Last but not least, do check the ports to ensure they aren’t damaged.

4. Router’s Position

Another solution is to check the position of the wireless router. That’s because if the router is installed in a tight corner, it can restrict the signal reception, resulting in a wireless connection issue. So, check your router’s position and install it in a central place of your home to make sure the signal reception and distribution are optimized. In addition, it’s recommended that you place the router a bit above the ground. Keep in mind that there must be no wireless devices and thick walls around the router to ensure the Wi-Fi signals are not restricted.

The Bottom Line

These solutions should be enough to resolve the wireless internet issue, but you could also try changing the wireless channels (if you are using a 2.4GHz channel, connect to 5GHz).

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