4 Approaches To Solve NETGEAR R7800 Dropping Connection

netgear r7800 dropping connection
netgear r7800 dropping connection

NETGEAR is a well-known broadband service provider with a wide selection of internet products for the best home networking experience. Even though NETGEAR releases new updates for its products to improve overall performance, many users have had negative experiences with them. Having said that, the NETGEAR R7800 router has been experiencing disconnection issues following the release of new firmware updates, resulting in a sudden drop in its ratings.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss some of the ways to troubleshoot the NETGEAR R7800 dropping connection issue.

Fixing NETGEAR R7800 Dropping Connection:

1. Restore The Firmware:

Many users have been experiencing disconnection issues with their routers since the last release of NETGEAR’s new firmware update. That being said, updating the firmware to the latest version for new features and performance enhancements is reasonable, but not in the case of the R7800. So, if you have updated the firmware on your router, we recommend that you revert to the previous version.

It might be conceivable that your router’s old configuration is not supported with the new firmware. Therefore, you can revert your router’s firmware through NETGEAR’s support website by entering your router model and selecting the previous firmware version from the list.

2. Weak Wi-Fi Signal:

Interferences are common with wireless connections. If your devices are disconnecting from your router’s signal, your router is most likely emitting weak signals. This can be due to physical impediments such as structures in your home, walls, or cupboards, or interference from other devices. Make sure your router is placed in an open area and not near microwaves or other devices that sendoff frequency signals. They have the potential to degrade your signal strength and range.

3. Location Of Your Router:

Oftentimes, disconnection of Wi-Fi can be caused due to a long distance between your router and the device. Since the R7800 is capable of delivering good strength over distances but make sure the device is not out of reach of your NETGEAR R7800 router. Place your device near your NETGEAR and router and reconnect with the network. Check to see if the problem is fixed.

4. Reboot Your Router:

Power-cycling or rebooting your router can help to resolve many basic issues such as connectivity issues and range issues. It also wipes out any cache that your router may have accumulated and smooths out your overall router’s performance.

To power cycle your device, make sure all the connections are released as well as the connection with the power outlet. Keep your router in a dead state for about 30 seconds. Reconnect all the connections and make sure they are hand tightened. Wait for your router to get stabilized. If the issue persists on a particular device, then you can disconnect your network and try to reconnect to the network using the correct network credentials. You can also contact NETGEAR support for further assistance.

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