3 Ways To Fix Netgear Remote Management Not Working

netgear remote management not working
netgear remote management not working

Netgear is the perfect example of a modern-day router manufacturing company. It has got some of the most notable features that anyone would love to have. The remote management system is the best example of these Netgear routers. It lets you access your router through a computer set or mobile phone. The only thing you need is the WAN IP, which will let you access your router anytime.

But, have you ever thought that you may face issues while trying to use Netgear remote management? It’s obvious that no one would like to face such an error. However, if you are facing this issue, then there is nothing to worry about. Through this article, we will help you resolve all of your problems regarding Netgear remote management. We will be showing some fantastic troubleshooting methods to fix these remote management issues.

How To Fix Netgear Remote Management Not Working?

1. Uninstall And Reinstall Remote Management 

There’s a high possibility that you may face remote management issues while trying to access your Netgear router. It is a pretty common problem that most Netgear users face. if you are facing such a problem, then the best possible solution is that you try to log in through your mobile phone, uninstall the software and then reinstall it.

Afterward, add your IP Address for launching the remote management. If you are using it through your computer set, then delete all the browsing history. Remove cache and then try to launch the remote management. Both of these tricks should allow you to launch your remote management through mobile or computer.

2. Reboot The Router

One of the main reasons behind the remote management launch issue can be your router. There is a high possibility that your router may have a glitch, and this should exactly be what’s stopping you from entering the correct address while launching the remote management. If this is the case, then simply is reboot your router.

For this, you need to find the reboot button, which is mostly on the back of the router. Once you have got the button, press it for half a minute. It will allow you to resolve your issue with no effort placed. So follow the instructions in order for a quick fix.

3. Contact Customer Care

If the above two methods aren’t working, then the last resort should be to contact customer care. Netgear has some of the most professional customer care providers who will help you resolve your issue within some minutes.

If you’re unable to resolve the problem after trying everything, then reach out to your customer service providers and tell them about your issue. They will probably ask for your IP address and will help you to get rid of this issue.


The article has all the details that you need in order to fix Netgear remote management not working. Be sure to follow all the instructions mentioned above.

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