6 Ways To Fix Netgear Password Recovery Not Working

netgear password recovery not working
netgear password recovery not working

Netgear routers have become pretty suitable for everyone out there who needs a wireless connection. With this being said, wireless connectivity has become streamlined. But again, some issues are pretty persistent and Netgear password recovery not working is one of them. To help you out, we have added the troubleshooting methods!

Netgear Password Recovery Not Working

1) Factory Reset

To begin with, the factory reset is usually the only solution to such issues. For factory resetting the Netgear router, you need to ensure that the power light is switched on. Then, locate the reset or restore factory settings on the back of the router. You will need to use the paper clip for holding this button; press for around seven seconds. This will factory reset the router. Once you’ve to log in to the router again, use the default credentials and modify the settings again.

2) Reset

One would think that factory reset is the ultimate reset option, but there is a way-more severe reset. For this reset, press the reset button for thirty seconds and remove the power cable while pressing this reset button. Then, insert the power cable without leaving the reset button (make sure to press the reset button for thirty seconds once you have inserted the power cable).

3) Addresses

When it comes down to the Netgear router, one needs to ensure that they are using the right address, be it the LAN address or the gateway address. With this being said, you need to ensure that the gateway address is set to while the LAN address should be set to to, and it is likely to solve the issues. In addition, we suggest that you modify the IP address of your laptop to, which makes sure that password recovery starts working properly with Netgear.

4) Bugs

In some cases, Netgear users are unable to use the password recovery feature because the built-in webpage is infected with the bug. With this being said, you will need to get past this bug. We suggest that you use the Chrome developer tools, and it will be fixed. For this purpose, you will need to fill the form and tap on the grey button, and choose the inspect option. Then, open the right window and choose the disabled button, and hit the delete button. As a result, you will be able to use the grey button again.

5) Firmware

While using the Netgear router, you need to ensure that you have installed the latest firmware on the router. That’s to say, because the firmware is crucial for Netgear routers to work properly. So, we suggest that you check the official Netgear website and see if there is a firmware for your router model. Once you install the firmware, you will be able to fix the security issues, including the password recovery issues.

6) Settings

In some cases, the password recovery will not work because you didn’t enable the password recovery in the first place. With this being said, open the advanced settings on your Netgear router and enable the password recovery feature.

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