Roku Remote Flashing Green Light: 7 Ways To Fix

roku remote flashing green light
roku remote flashing green light

Roku is the first choice for everyone who needs on-demand entertainment and easy access to channels and movies. The Roku is connected to the TV and you can access the content. Also, the Roku remote comes in handy for better control. However, some people are struggling with the Roku remote flashing green light and they don’t know what it means. So, we are sharing everything we know about this!

Roku Remote Flashing Green Light – What Does It Mean?

When the green light blinking and flashing on the Roku remote, it means that the controller has malfunctioned. However, there are some troubleshooting methods that you can try for fixing the issue and get back to watching your favorite show, such as;

1) Reset

First of all, you need to reset the Roku remote because it refreshes the signals and the connectivity will be improved. For this purpose, you need to take out the batteries from the remote and take out the power cord of the player. Then, you need to wait for around ten seconds and put in the power cord again. Once the home screen appears, put the batteries in and hold the reset button on the remote for around five seconds. This will get the pairing light to flash, depicting the pairing.

2) Batteries

In some cases, the remote might be flashing because it has run out of battery. For this purpose, you will need to reinsert the batteries. So, take out the battery cover and take out the batteries, clean the battery compartment, and put in the batteries again. If this doesn’t fix the issue, you should try replacing the batteries with new ones because the previous ones might be out of order.

3) Re-pairing

If the green light is still flashing on the Roku remote, we suggest that re-pair the remote with the streaming equipment. This is because the light flashes in case of pairing issues and errors. For this purpose, take out the batteries from the report and switch off the TV. Then, switch on the TV after ten seconds and put the battery-inserted Roku remote close to the TV. It will automatically start the pairing process and you will need to follow the screen prompts. Once done, the flashing light issue will be taken care of and you will be able to use the remote again.

4) Network Settings

When it comes down to the Roku, you need high-speed internet to make it work. So, if the remote is flashing colors, there are chances of incorrect or disrupted network settings. You can redo the network settings by signing into the router and enter the default credentials (usually given the manual). Once you’ve signed into the router, choose the stable internet connection from 2.4GHz and 5GHz. After choosing the right settings, just save the settings and restart the router and modem. Once the Roku connects to the internet again, the green flashing light issue will be resolved.

5) Controller App

If the troubleshooting methods are not fixing up the green flashing light issue, we suggest that you download the Roku controller app on your smartphone. The app can be used as a remote controller to change the channels and control the Roku device overall. The best part is that this app has every feature (or button, maybe?) that the original Roku remote has. However, whilst you are using the controller app, make sure that you are connected to the high-speed internet. Also, the internet connection needs to be stable for the controller app to work properly.

6) Tech Support

For people who have internet issues and cannot use the controller app, your last resort is to call up Roku tech support. They will be able to assess what is actually wrong with the remote and why these troubleshooting methods are not fixing the green light issue. Also, they might troubleshoot your device and remote at their end, so it will highly likely solve the issue.

7) Replace The Remote

Well, if even the tech support wasn’t able to help you out with the Roku remote flashing green light issue, there is no choice but to buy the new remote. While buying the Roku remote, make sure that it’s compatible with your Roku streaming device’s model. Also, do pair the remote correctly to prevent connectivity issues!

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