5 Ways To Fix NETGEAR R8000 Slow Internet Issue

netgear r8000 slow internet
netgear r8000 slow internet

Thousands of people around the world are using Netgear routers because the quality is unparalleled. These routers are famous for providing high-speed internet connection and there are hardly any interruptions. Despite these features, Netgear R8000 slow internet remains a significant issue but it is easy to fix as soon as you follow your troubleshooting guide!

NETGEAR R8000 Slow Internet

1) Firmware

For those who don’t know, Netgear R8000 is a smart Wi-Fi router and it needs proper maintenance. For this reason, Netgear launches the software and firmware updates on a regular basis to ensure the minor bugs are solved.

This is the prime reason that people have switched on automatic firmware update enabled on the router. On the other hand, there are some firmware upgrades that can degrade the router’s performance and functionality because of the instability.

In the majority of cases, the slow internet issue appears when users upgrade to firmware That being said, if your router is running on this firmware, you have to update the firmware because the update has been released by Netgear. If the update is not available, you can flash down to some other firmware version to ensure the performance is streamlined.

2) Wi-Fi Channels

If you’ve ruled out the firmware thing but the internet is still slow, changing the Wi-Fi channel is a reasonable solution. Keep in mind that changing the Wi-Fi channel won’t promise the best internet speed but it won’t be sluggish either. So, to change the Wi-Fi channel, open the admin panel and open the basic tab. From this tab, choose the wireless menu and you have to scroll down to the region tab.

From the region tab, choose your location or area and select the channel that you want to use. Once you’ve selected a new Wi-Fi channel, save the changes and your speed is likely to improve. On the other hand, you can also access the settings on the Netgear app and change the Wi-Fi channel from there.

3) Reboot

To be honest, we don’t give credit to reboots because they can legit fix the internet performance issues. That’s because the reboots can automatically resolve the small configuration errors that you cannot fix anyway else. In addition, the reboot ensures that the files are properly communicated (yes, routers have files too) and placed. So, after the reboot, the internet speed is likely to be improved.

4) Interference

With multiple devices connected around your home, you can experience interference which might be why Netgear R8000 is showing slow internet. That being said, you must disconnect the wireless devices connected near your router so they don’t mess up the wireless connections.

To name a few, these wireless devices include microwaves, baby monitors, and wireless speakers. So, just cut off these interfering devices and the internet speed will be improved.

5) Call Customer Support

Netgear is known for its robust customer support and they can help if the slow internet isn’t fixed by following the troubleshooting guide from this article. So, just call at 1-888-NETGEAR and ask them to resolve the router-related issues.

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