Netflix Says I’m Not Connected To The Internet But I Am: 5 Fixes

netflix says i'm not connected to the internet but i am
netflix says i’m not connected to the internet but i am

The leader in the streaming market, Netflix, is definitely a consolidated brand in entertainment. Delivering not only movies, but web series, TV series and documentaries as well, the platform offers almost infinite content.

Additionally, Netflix is about to launch a set of exclusive content that promises to be more than one step ahead of the competition.

When it first started back in 1997, no one could foresee the success this firstly DVD mailing company would reach. Now with over 220 million subscriptions, the California-based streaming company is now a reference of entertainment all over the globe.

Their original content is responsible for the adhesion of more than half of the subscribers, who also mention the vast archive as a reason to stay loyal to the platform.

Nevertheless, even with the almost infinite content and its exclusive shows, Netflix is not free from suffering issues here and there. As it has been reported by many users, there seems to be an internet connection issue that is hindering the streaming experience.

The issue causes the platform to display an error saying the user is not connected to the internet, even though the internet is working for other pages and streaming platforms. In an attempt to find an explanation as well as a solution, many users sought online forums and Q&A communities.

Although many of those pages offer possible solutions for this issue, we came up with a list of five easy fixes any user can perform to get rid of the problem.

Netflix Says I’m Not Connected To The Internet But I Am

For sure the platform offers almost infinite content, many original titles, documentaries and so on. It does not matter if you opt for computer or laptop browsers, Android or iOS based mobiles, Netflix will be available with a click or two.

That means users can access the platform from pretty much any device that connects to the internet. All Netflix asks in return is a trustworthy internet connection to stream the content from its archive direct onto your TV set, computer, laptop or even mobile or tablet.

But what happens when your internet connection is working as it should and Netflix displays an error message saying you are not connected to the internet?

Should you be amongst the users who seek an answer and a solution to this issue, stay with us as we have come up with a list of five easy fixes any user can perform to get rid of the problem.

  1. Try Refreshing The Page

Try Refreshing The Page

First things first, as this is the easiest and quickest fix for the internet connection issue on Netflix. As it happens, sometimes a simple hiccup on your internet connection is enough for Netflix to identify a network issue and display the message.

Fortunately, should it actually be just a small break on your connection, the platform should resume the streaming session shortly and the error message will not appear again.

On the other hand, should the internet connection break down for a longer period, Netflix will not resume the streaming session and the error message will appear on the screen.

In the event your internet connection breaks down, you should have it checked, or restart the modem or router. Any of these simple fixes for internet connection issues should do it and get your network running again.

Once you successfully troubleshoot your internet connection, try refreshing the page, if you are running Netflix through a browser, just close the tab and open it again after a few seconds. By doing so, you are allowing the system to fix minor configuration issues that may be hindering the performance of the platform.

Bear in mind though, that a periodic verification of the internet connection can save you from many issues, not only the Netflix-related ones. So, keep an eye to your internet health to avoid experiencing this sort of issues.

  1. Try Resetting The Modem And/Or Router

Just like the closing and reopening of the tab on your computer browser allows it to get the business in order, a reset on the modem or router should do the same.

Apart from troubleshooting configuration or connectivity issues, giving the device a few moments to breathe will allow it to perform a cleanse and delete unnecessary and undesired temporary files.

As Netflix is an online streaming platform, users will need their internet connection to maintain a certain speed and transfer rate. Therefore, keeping an eye on the ping is a good way to check if your connection will suffer through the streaming session or if it will deliver the experience you were looking forward to.

Although many modern routers, if not all, have a reset button somewhere on the back, we strongly recommend you grab the power cord and disconnect it from the power outlet.

Then, give it a minute or two and plug the power back again. By doing that, you are giving your device a better chance to repair minor issues and get the connection back up again.

  1. Do You Still Have Data?

Do You Still Have Data

As it has been reported, the internet connection issue with Netflix happens more often with metered connections. The reason behind this is that although many carriers offer unlimited internet connections on their mobile plans, once users consume all the data they are allowed to in a given period, speeds drop severely.

Once the whole data package is used, the carrier automatically shifts your limit to a much lower data rate, which may cause Netflix to display the internet connection error message.

Keep an eye on your data cap, as not only Netflix, but all online streaming platforms will require a stable and relatively fast connection throughout the whole streaming session. In the event you are enjoying Netflix content in HD, the amount of data required will be even bigger.

Should it happen to you that your data cap is finished, top up your internet plan and give Netflix another run. For this, we recommend you close the tab or app and reopen it a few moments later.

  1. Avoid Using VPNs

Avoid Using VPNs

As practical they seem, Virtual Private Networks are not compatible with the Netflix platform. This has also been reported as the cause of the internet connection error message by many users.

Should you run a VPN system on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile, you should definitely switch it off before you run Netflix page or app.

As you disconnect the VPN, your home or business internet connection should kick in and inform Netflix which network to run from.

So, bear in mind that there is no compatibility between Netflix and VPNs and prevent the internet connection error message from popping up on your screen and hinder the outstanding streaming experience Netflix can deliver.

  1. Try Contacting The ISP

Try Contacting The ISP

The ISP, or Internet Service Provider, is the company that deliver internet connection to your house or office. As disclosed by some of them, during peak hours, some content may be blocked due to a data usage strategy designed by the carriers.

As all users in a certain area share the data pool, they consider it unreasonable for some users to consume highly demanding content, inadvertently preventing other users from even accessing their social media pages.

Make sure to contact your ISP and verify if they have any data traffic restrictions during peak hours, so you can avoid having internet connection issues and enjoy Netflix to the fullest.

Lastly, should you find out about other easy fixes to help users get rid of the internet connection error message with Netflix, let us know in the comment section.

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  1. When I want to watch an episode on Netflix on my Sony 65 inch Tv, I am getting a blank screen when I click Netflix on the remote. Sometimes I get a message that Wifi is not connected, but wifi is connected. I have a NetGear87-5G router. I have Suddenlink cable modem. To get access to Netflix, I have disconnect the NetGear and reconnect. This usually works. However, it is happening just about every night and is annoying. The router and TV are only about 15 ft apart, and two different rooms. I can get Primevideo with no problems. Appreciate any suggestions.

  2. Had the same problem last year it went away after spectrum worked on the line for 2 days. Now it is back I am considering just purchasing movies to watch. paying to watch the internet “kick out” is not the way I want to spend an evening. I pay for the internet may be if enough people have this problem legal help may be werrented.

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