5 Methods For Resolving Netflix Error U7111-1331-2206

netflix error u7111-1331-2206
netflix error u7111-1331-2206

Netflix has a never-ending stream of content to meet the entertainment needs of billions of users. However, many users have witnessed the Netflix error U7111-1331-2206, which hinders them from enjoying the content on Netflix, but here is a full troubleshooting guide that you could try out!

Netflix Error U7111-1331-2206

The error code appears while streaming Netflix, and it happens when the information stored in the internet browser needs to be updated and refreshed. There are actually various cases when the internet browser ends up storing outdated and bad data, which adversely influences the performance of Netflix. However, this is not the only reason behind the error because people actually get this error from time to time as well. So, let’s see what can be done to fix the error!


It is common for people to have bookmarks on the internet browser as it helps ease access to different websites and stores. In simpler words, it helps users resume their internet activities from where they left them off. However, these bookmarks tend to store outdated data, hence the streaming problem. To fix the problem, you need to delete the bookmarks, particularly the ones that you don’t need. So, delete the bookmarks and re-open the internet browser to start streaming Netflix again.

2. Downtime

There are obviously some instances when Netflix experiences downtime. To illustrate, when the main server of Netflix is down, the users will not be able to stream Netflix at all. There is no troubleshooting solution that you can try to fix the downtime because you have to wait for Netflix’s technicians to resolve the server issues. When the servers are restored, you will be able to stream Netflix again.

3. Media Feature Pack

The Media Feature Pack is usually installed on the computer to make sure the videos and audios work easily. However, if your computer doesn’t have the Media Feature Pack, it will limit the streaming experience. This is important because Netflix depends on third-party modules for ensuring smooth streaming, and Media Feature Pack is one of them. That being said, we suggest that you install this media pack to make sure the streaming is optimized.

4. IPv6

IPv6 is one of the most important adapters in the computer system, but this adapter tends to create streaming issues. To fix the streaming issue and the specific error code, you need to turn off the IPv6 adapter, and it will fix the problem. In addition to the IPv6 adapter, you need to switch off the proxy because Netflix doesn’t work well with proxies.

5. Browser Data

It’s evident that too much data on the browser can limit the streaming and overall functionality of Netflix. So, while we have mentioned that you can clear the bookmarks, you can also try clearing the browser data because there must be outdated data stored in the browser, which ends up conflicting with the website. You can clear the browser data from the settings of your internet browser and start streaming again. Once you are done clearing the browser data, you should open a new tab for Netflix.

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