4 Methods For Resolving Netflix Error Code M7120-1931-500

netflix error code m7120-1931-500
netflix error code m7120-1931-500

Netflix is the most preferred streaming platform, but it often runs into different errors, and Netflix error code M7120-1931-500 is one of them. This error code is caused when you stream Netflix through the UWP app or a browser. In addition, it could be caused when you aren’t using the latest Windows update. So, if you are ready to fix this error and streamline the streaming experience, we are sharing various solutions with you!

Netflix Error Code M7120-1931-500

1. Update The Windows

Many people don’t know this, but Windows launches regular updates, but they don’t pay attention to the Windows updates and don’t install it. For the most part, the error occurs when the Windows Store update hasn’t been installed, and you can follow the instructions mentioned below to install the pending update.

  • Run the command prompt box and type in “ms-settings:windowsupdate” and hit the enter button
  • It will open the Windows Update window in the settings
  • Click on the “check for update” button available on the right side, and there will be on-screen prompts that you’ve to follow
  • When Windows is installed, you have to reboot the device and try to stream Netflix again

2. Update The Netflix UWP

If you are using the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) version of Netflix, there are high chances that there is a Windows 10 bug. This bug usually happens when you download the Netflix content for offline streaming. However, this problem can be resolved by opting for an app update. For the most part, the Windows Store automatically installs the app update. However, if you have tweaked the downloading settings, you will need to install the update manually. To download the update, follow the below-mentioned instructions;

  • Open the Microsoft Store on the computer and tap on the action button
  • Click on the Downloads & Updates button
  • Then, click on the “get updates” option and wait for the update to be installed
  • When the Netflix app update is installed, you need to restart the system and re-launch the Netflix app

3. Reset Or Uninstall The Netflix App

If you’ve already installed the Netflix app update, but the error still won’t go away, you will need to reset the Netflix app. The easiest method of resetting the app is to delete the app and re-install it after some time. However, when you delete the Netflix app, you will have to delete all the associated files. After the Netflix app is deleted from the system, you have to reboot the computer before installing it again.

4. Clear Cookies

If you are someone who streams Netflix on browsers rather than through the app, you need to clear the cookies. In particular, you need to clear the Netflix cookies from the web browser, whichever browser you are using. The cookies can be easily cleared from the settings of the browser. In addition, while you are clearing the cookies, don’t forget to restart the internet network to make sure the internet signals are reliable enough (it can be done by rebooting the internet modem or router).

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