4 Methods For Resolving Netflix Error Code: U7353

netflix error code: u7353
netflix error code: u7353

Online streaming is one of the most common activities these days, and people tend to choose Netflix for catering to their streaming needs. That being said, Netflix is one of the best and most popular streaming platforms but the error code: U7353 is creating hindrances for the users. Having said that, if you have the same error code bugging you, we are here with the solutions that can help you out!

Netflix Error Code: U7353

Before we share the solutions with you, let us tell you the reason behind the error code. To illustrate, this error code appears on the tablet or Windows system, and it happens when the information stored on the tablet or Windows has to be refreshed. Now, let’s focus on the solutions!

1. Reset The App

When it comes down to the Netflix error code, the first solution that you can try is to reset the Netflix app. However, before we share the resetting instructions, you must know that resetting your Netflix app will remove the content that you have downloaded, and you will need to log in to the Netflix account again. Now, follow the below-mentioned instructions to complete the app reset;

  • Open your Windows menu by clicking on the lowest corner on the left side
  • Enter “apps and features” in the search bar
  • Scroll down to Netflix and click on the advanced options
  • From the advanced options, click on the reset button
  • You will need to press the reset button again for confirming the reset
  • Once Netflix is reset, open the Netflix app again, enter the login information, and try streaming again

2. Reboot The Netflix App

If you don’t want to reset the Netflix app, you could also try rebooting the app because a quick fix often helps. To reboot the Netflix app, you only have to exit the tab on the internet browser that you were using for streaming Netflix. In addition to clearing the tab, you can also try closing down the internet browser and opening it again later. On the other hand, if you have installed a Netflix app, just close it down, reboot the device, and open the Netflix app again.

3. Windows Version

Since the error code occurs on the Windows system, you need to focus on the Windows version that you are using. It is needless to say that Windows launches regular system updates, and they must be downloaded and installed on time to ensure the seamless performance of the computer system. So, check the Windows system and see if there are software updates available. In case a new Windows update is available, download it and try streaming Netflix again.

4. Clear The Cookies

If you are using an internet browser for using Netflix, you need to clear the cookies from the browser. For this purpose, just open the clear cookies tab on Netflix, and it will help you clear the Netflix cookies. Remember that clearing the cookies will sign you out of the Netflix account, and you will have to sign in again. On the contrary, if nothing helps, call Netflix customer support for help.

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