3 Practices For Fixing Neflix Error Code UI3010

netflix error code ui3010
netflix error code ui3010

Netflix has become the top choice for everyone who likes enjoying different types of entertainment content. This is because Netflix has a never-ending range of movies and TV shows from a variety of genres to make sure there is new content for everyone. However, it also has various error codes, and Netflix error code UI3010 remains one the most cumbersome ones. If you’ve been facing this issue, this article will surely help you out!

Netflix Error Code UI3010

If the error code UI3010 appears on Netflix while you are using it on the computer, it simply means that the stored data must be refreshed but it also indicates an issue with the internet connection. To help you fix the streaming errors and this particular error code, we are sharing various solutions that can help you out!

1. Clear The Browser Cache

The browser cache remains one of the most common culprits of the UI3010 error code. This is because it often clogs the internet browser, which ends up limiting the overall performance of Netflix. In the section below, we are sharing instructions for clearing cache from Google Chrome, such as;

  • Open the menu in the Google Chrome and click on history
  • From the left menu, tap on the “clear browsing data” and tap on the advanced button
  • Click on the time range and choose “all time”
  • Keep in mind that you have to uncheck all the boxes except the cached files and images
  • Tap on the clear data button, and the cache will be deleted
  • Now, just try Netflix again

On the other hand, if you are using the Firefox browser for steaming Netflix, you can follow the instructions below;

  • Open the Firefox browser and open the menu from the top-right corner
  • Scroll down to preferences, and from the preferences, you need to click on the privacy and security
  • Move down the available options and click on the clear history button
  • From the time range menu, choose everything
  • Uncheck everything under the history tab except for the cache
  • Tap on the OK button and try Netflix streaming again

2. Restart The Home Network

If clearing the cache and browser history has not resolved the error code on your Netflix, you need to restart the home network because it can streamline the internet connection. To begin with, you need to unplug the internet and network devices, including the modem and router – keep them shut off for a minute or two, and then start plugging everything. In addition to the modem and router, we suggest that you reboot the computer as well, as it will help build a better network connection, leading to improved Netflix performance.

3. Move The Router

It is common for people to put away the routers because they don’t match the overall aesthetics of their space, but it often results in internet connectivity issues because of the physical obstructions. For this reason, it is better to move the internet router closer to the computer that you will use for streaming Netflix. This will help enhance the internet connection, and you must not place your router on the floor because it restricts the reception.

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