5 Ways To Deal With Netflix Error Code N8156-6013

netflix error code n8156-6013
netflix error code n8156-6013

Netflix has always been the first choice among users who like quick access to on-demand content. That’s to say because the users can get access to unlimited access to the content, ranging from TV shows to movies with unique genres. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s a one-stop shop for everyone. On the other hand, the users have recently complained about Netflix error code N8156-6013, but there is a comprehensive troubleshooting guide available in the article!

Netflix Error Code N8156-6013

This error code on Netflix is caused when you are using the Silverlight plugin for Microsoft. In the majority of cases, this plugin is installed on the browser, which is used for streaming Netflix. However, the problem occurs because Microsoft doesn’t support the Silverlight plugin anymore. So, to resolve the issue, you could opt for the below-mentioned solutions!

1. Change The Browser

First of all, you need to opt for a different internet browser, particularly the one that doesn’t have the Silverlight plugin. In particular, you need to choose the internet browser with HTML5 support, such as Safari on macOS or Microsoft Edge on the Windows system. In addition to these internet browsers, you can also opt for Google Chrome or Opera for streaming Netflix.

2. Reinstall The Silverlight

We have already mentioned that the problem is caused when you are using Silverlight. However, the problem can be easily resolved by reinstalling the plugin to make sure there are no compromises on Netflix. Keep in mind that Microsoft doesn’t support this plugin, but reinstallation can help eliminate the configuration issues, resulting in better streaming.

3. Reboot The Computer

Another most suitable solution to resolve the error code N8156-6013 is to reboot the computer system that you are using the Netflix on. So, you need to exit the internet browser that you are using and switch off the computer. When you are switching off the computer, we suggest that you unplug the power cords to ensure a complete reboot. Once the computer is switched off, and the cables are out, you need to wait for five minutes, and after that, just plug the power cord into the computer and press the power button. Once the computer switches on, open the browser and start streaming again.

4. Use A New Tab

When it comes down to using Netflix, you need to be extremely particular about the tab. Generally, the problem occurs when you have opened too many tabs on the internet browser, but it often clogs the browsing and streaming activities. Having said that, if you have opened up too many tabs, you should clear them out, including the Netflix tab. When all the tabs are cleared, just open a new tab and log in to the Netflix account.

5. Update Netflix App

Lastly, if you are using the Netflix app on your computer rather than streaming on the browser, there are high chances that the Netflix app is outdated. So, it’s time you open the app store and download the Netflix updates to make sure there are no compromises on the functionality. However, you might have to log in to the Netflix account after the update.

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