Shenzhen Bilian Electronic On My WiFi

shenzhen bilian electronic on my wifi
shenzhen bilian electronic on my wifi

With so many new technologies and new features, sometimes it gets extremely confusing to be surrounded by all of these high tech gadgets. Since we prefer using products and services from various brands, we should take a moment to understand what is causing this confusion. One potential cause for concern is the notification that says Shenzhen Bilian Electronic is on your Wi-Fi. If you have also seen this notification on your device, just know that you are not alone.

Why Is Shenzhen Bilian Electronics on My Wi-Fi Connection?

We have seen a number of people reporting the same issue on many online forums asking for help regarding this problem. Therefore, in this article, we will provide you all of the necessary information about Shenzhen Bilian Electronic and why the aforementioned notification keeps popping up on your mobile device. Read on to learn all about Shenzhen Bilian Electronics.

About Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Co. Ltd.

Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Co., Ltd. is a Chinese professional network system working in the field of communication and equipment research. It is responsible for the development, production, and sales or products and services related to the field of telecommunication. The company is committed to all things related to the wireless telecom sector. This includes Wi-Fi Internet Connection and anything that uses an Internet Connection,  such as your smart home, your smart community, your smart city network hardware, software, and all of those smart device services that carry a wireless internet connection within.

Notification: Shenzhen Bilian Electronic On My Wi-Fi

Coming back to the matter at hand, what does it mean when you see a notification on your mobile phone device saying that Shenzhen Bilian Electronic is on your Wi-Fi?

How does it get connected when you have not given it permission to do so?

And why can’t you disconnect it?

Why does it keep on connecting automatically to your Wi-Fi?

How did this happen and why?

You are probably confused but don’t worry. We have figured it out for you.

Why Can’t You Disconnect Shenzhen Bilian Electronic?

When you see the notification that Shenzhen Bilian Electronic is connected to your Wi-Fi and you move to disconnect the device, you’ll see it reappear automatically without asking for your permission. The device automatically reconnects again and again.

This is most likely due to the fact that the Shenzhen Bilian Electronic device that you have in your home is somehow directly connected to the internet router with a wired connection and not with Wi-Fi. Or there may be an Android app establishing this connection between your router and your Shenzhen Bilian Electronic device. As a result, it doesn’t ask for your permission. Unless you cut that direct connection, the device will keep reconnecting to the Wi-Fi all by itself.


We hope that with the help of the information above, you might have a proper idea of why you’re seeing the notification dialogue saying Shenzhen Bilian Electronic is on your Wi-Fi and why you can’t simply disconnect it like all of your other devices.

8 thoughts on “Shenzhen Bilian Electronic On My WiFi”

  1. I had this appear on my computer, only thing I had personally changed was I bought an LG SOUND BAR, I also got a new LG BLUERAY PLAYER, if I turn the sound bar off and re-scan it is not there once I switch on the sound bar hey presto its there again, have you got something recently that plugs into your router, worth a thought and a check. I can’t help in saying whether it is safe or not, so am a little uneasy with it keep anti virus on I think and keep an eye on it, could it be taking personal data I honestly don’t know, A little worrying I guess so.

  2. Doesn’t show on my router but it shows up in a “device finder” app called “fing”. It shows devices which are connected to my network. Mine reads:

    “Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Co.?ltd Mobile Android”

  3. Mine is Feit Electric light with a camera. I have 2 of those lights, and Feit Electric app does not show what internal IP address is taken. However, I was able to figure out with some trial and error. These devices does not show up on my router either as someone else previously mentioned. I was able to find these IP address taken by Shenzhen Bilian Electronic company devices through my Android app (Fing) on my phone.

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