Samsung to Release a New Line of WiFi Smart Home Appliances

With the increased use of wireless technology in many households the next wave of home technology appears to be smart home appliances which promise better energy consumption, wireless access controls, and unified connectivity using your home wireless network.

Last month, Samsung Electronics announced that it will unveil a brand new line of smart home appliances which are WiFi-enabled and offer more convenience and capacity while reducing energy consumption.  The new 2012 smart home appliances by Samsung are designed to redefine the way you organize and run your kitchen as well as other areas of your household including the laundry room.

Samsung announced that it will release a WiFi-enabled LCD refrigerator equipped with apps that help you to better organize your kitchen and a washer/dryer unit which can be operated by using your cell phone. The new appliances are part of Samsung’s new line for 2012.  Here is a look at the different functions of Samsung’s new WiFi-enabled smart home appliances:

LCD Refrigerator

In terms of connectivity the new LCD refrigerator is equipped with apps such as the Grocery Manager app which helps you to keep track of food expiration dates for the contents in the refrigerator.  The app is designed to automatically track all of the food in the refrigerator to control food waste and help prevent food spoilage.

The new 32 cubic foot LCD refrigerator offers enough capacity to store more than 30 bags of groceries which helps you save time making multiple trips to the supermarket.

Washer/Dryer Pair

The washer and dryer set is also WiFi-enabled which makes the experience of doing laundry a lot less time consuming.  Instead of making multiple trips to the laundry room to check the status of the load, you can use the wireless connection to control both machines using an app on your smartphone.  The normal cycle time is also reduced without compromising efficiency through the use of Samsung’s patented SpeedSpray technology which jet sprays dissolved detergent and water right onto the clothes to expedite the cleaning process.

In terms of capacity the top load washer unit is capable of handling more than two loads of laundry simultaneously which is the equivalent of more than 30 large-sized bath towels while consuming less water than conventional washing machines.

The new WiFi capabilities and smartphone controls offer more unification and convenience which assist with helping the work and family balance.  Additionally, Samsung has introduced a new online resource for social media known as Make Your House Work which is available in conjunction with the Samsung Home Appliance Facebook page.  Make Your House Work supports owners of Samsung’s new WiFi-enabled smart home appliances.

The concept of smart home has been discussed at the Consumer Electronics Shows for the last few years. The introduction of Samsung WiFi-enabled smart home appliance represents a significant step toward broadband and wireless technologies in categories other than home entertainment systems.

A demonstration at CES 2011 showed how it will be possible in the future for smart home appliances which are connected to the Internet to be controlled remotely to help homeowners manage home energy use in addition to streamlining processes and achieving a better work/life/family balance.  The demonstration also showed how household appliances are able to pick up on user habits in order to operate more efficiently and save on energy costs.

Other major household appliance companies such as Panasonic and LG have also been working to link large ticket household appliances which connect to the Internet to address a wide variety of different uses.  This goes one step further than simply bringing WiFi Internet to the touchscreen on household appliances.  The goal is to make every appliance in your household to connect to one another in order to maximize performance and save time as well as energy.

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