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freedompop google voice
freedompop google voice

It’s a fact that almost all of us dream about wishing our highly expensive cell phone bills goodbye. FreedomPop might just be the solution to your billing problems. It can actually make your dream come true. As its name suggests that it is free which means that FreedomPop Google Voice services will free you of paying your mobile phone bills.

Free of Cost Plans

It is really hard to believe but it is absolutely true that FreedomPop offers various plans that are literally free of cost. The plans depend upon what kind of cell phone you are using, either its Android set or an iPhone. But the catch is that whatever the plan will be, it will be absolutely free of any kind of charges. As in, you need to pay no money for its subscription. However, there’s a teensy bit of a little issue with FreedomPop that its data limits are found to be pretty low at the cost of zero money. Plus, FreedomPop doesn’t offer any type of unlimited data plan.

FreedomPop Google Voice Services

With that said, the various kinds of service provided by FreedomPop can be totally surprising, or say unpredictable, and you are most likely to find no latest phone models that support the FreedomPop’s services. But yes! if you’ve been looking for a pocket-friendly wireless service that comes within your monthly budget plan and it is not so expensive that will make you live hand-to-mouth, then FreedomPop is the right choice for you.

The free FreedomPop Google Voice Services provided as a facility for all their customers is not quite considered as true airtime or text. The service basically still relies on Wi-Fi internet connection or cellular data although it should be noted that the data is not accounted against your 500mb package plan.

What Should I Know About FreedomPop Google Voice?

There’s something that you must know if you are currently using these FreedomPop Google Voice Services or you are planning to use it in the future. You should note that a data limit is set or fixed on using your Free FreedomPop Google Voice Services. The free plan offered by FreedomPop might be completely free of any kind of physical or touchable charges but it can cause you to pay in terms of facing data allowance limits and restrictions of different kinds.

This alone and the fact that the FreedomPop Google Voice app might sometimes interfere with other apps causing it to misbehave in terms of sending calls and messages frustrates the users to the point of giving up all those free communication perks.

Last Resort

There are three things that you can do to avoid facing such issues:

  1. The simplest and easiest way to avoid facing any issues would just deactivate your FreedomPop App as a call or text forwarding service in Google Voice.
  2. The second method would be to completely get rid of the chances of facing any issue by uninstalling the FreedomPop Google Voice and Messaging app.

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