5 Ways To Solve Metro PCS Slow Down Your Internet

Metro PCS Slow Internet
Metro PCS Slow Internet

Every now and then, it is just inevitable that your internet connection will let you down at a time when you really need it.

And, most frustrating of all – there is nothing you can do about it a lot of the time.

But, that by no means should mean that you have to tolerate a sub-par internet speed.

Though this problem will pop up with Metro PCS, they have actually tried and struggled quite a bit in their efforts to prevent it.

Luckily, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be rocket science for you to fix at home. In fact, some of you will find this an absolute breeze!

What Causes the Problem?

Given that Metro PCS is powered by the T-Mobile company, which is responsible for providing mobile phone and internet services, we will mostly be talking about the problem in terms of ”bars” of reception.

But, some of you may have noticed that you are experiencing really slow internet even though you have a full signal displayed in bars.

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to identify a single cause for this when it happens. However, the most common cause of this is that the user has used too much data.

So, if you want to save some time potentially, maybe check that before getting into the fixes below.

Asides from that cause, another really likely factor for slow Metro PCS internet is really basic – inadequate network coverage.

How to Fix the Metro PCS Slow Internet Problem

Given that we have noticed a huge increase in people complaining online about this issue, we have decided to take matters into our own hands.

So, if you have been suffering the effects of this issue, you have come to the right place.

To put together this article, we first have to track down all potential fixes from what we could find on the internet.

From those, we chose only the ones that were tried and true. And, they’re also quite easy.

So, if you have little or no experience with tech fixes, don’t worry! None of these fixes will have you taking anything apart or risking damaging your equipment in any way.

In the interest of getting the problem fixed for you as quickly as possible, here are some really quick fixes to try before we get into the more advanced stuff. With a bit of luck, one of these will work for you.

Quick Fixes:

  • First up, you could download a performance improving app onto your phone. There are tons of them out there that can declutter your device.
  • Next up, just quickly check your connection strength. Every house has an area where you get a better signal strength. In general, these areas are away from things that can interfere with the signal. Avoid metallic surfaces, other WiFi devices, and Bluetooth devices.
  • Check for widgets that are operating in the background and disable them.
  • Keep your apps up to date. Using outdated software can have negative effects on the performance of your device.
  • Delete all unused and unwanted apps from your phone to clear up space.
  • Get a decent adblocker to ensure that none of your bandwidth is being wasted on unnecessary pop-up ads.
  • After all of this, restart your device to enforce all of the changes that you have made.
  • Finally, clear the cache on your phone.

For many of you, simply doing all of the above will have been the quickest possible fix.

However, if that hasn’t worked, it is not time to worry yet. Let’s get started on the more in-depth fixes.

Advanced Fixes:

check your data plan and internet speed plan

1. Check Your Data Plan And Internet Speed Plan:

Before we get into the extra complicated stuff, let’s go for an easy solution.

It is always a good idea to check that you have sufficient data on your plan to do what you need to do.

Then, match what you have found to what your plan actually offered in the first place.

For some of us, we may have set up high expectations of what to expect.

If what you are getting doesn’t match up to what was offered, you will definitely need to configure your phone so that it performs better.

reboot your router or modem

2. Reboot Your Router Or Modem:

Admittedly, this fix sounds a bit too simple ever to work. But, you would be surprised at how often a simple reboot does the trick.

Rebooting is a quick and effective solution that takes very little time.

All you need to do is unplug the power cable for around 20 seconds and then plug it back in again.

After a few minutes, everything will have started working as it should again. That is if you are one of the lucky ones.

If you haven’t noticed any improvement, let’s move onto the next step.

Note: it is worth keeping in mind that rebooting your WiFi devices every now and then is going to keep them running better and for longer. 

run a check on your device's configuration

3. Run a Check on Your Device’s Configuration:

To run this check, all you need to do is to make sure that it is only your device that isn’t getting a decent internet connection.

The thinking behind this is that if every other device is working as it should be, then the problem is definitely with your device.

Unfortunately, if that happens to be the case, you will need to get in touch with your ISP to fix the configuration issues.

replace and update outdated software programs and devices

4. Replace and Update Outdated Software Programs and Devices:

On occasion, the sole reason behind your device’s performance issues sustaining a connection with Metro PCS is that it may be using outdated software versions.

After checking to see are the versions you are using relevant, the next step is to replace them or upgrade them to newer versions.

By doing this, you stand a good chance of making your internet connection smoother, faster, and more reliable.

Basically, everything you would want from an internet connection.

Whether or not this works in this particular case, this tip will definitely help you out in the long run if you make a habit out of it.

5. Optimize Your Device to Accommodate for Slow Internet:

Time for the last solution to this problem. Many of us have a habit of using a lot of apps at once that each demands quite a lot of bandwidth.

Truthfully, in many cases, you can have a similar experience by using less data-consuming apps in their place.

For example, there are some great apps out there designed precisely for this purpose, such as Facebook Lite, Opera Mini, etc.

Using these instead will definitely have an impact on your browsing speed overall.

optimize your device to accommodate for slow internet

Conclusion: Metro PCS Slow Internet Fix

Though Metro PCS is by no means a terrible service, we have noticed that situations where people are facing near-constant drops in their internet connection, are not exactly rare.

But, as is the case with any service like this, outages do happen and are to be expected.

Annoyingly, there is no single cause that we can identify for these sorts of problems.

Really, the most important thing is to try a range of fixes that take into account each and every possible symptom.

This is why we have implemented a guide that takes covers as many bases as possible: optimizing your device, upgrading all apps and software, and replacing outdated and long-suffering phones is key to the process.

On the other hand, on occasion, the only course of action that remains is to choose a better internet plan that actually packs the kind of punch that you are looking for.

However, this doesn’t mean that we are claiming to have all of the answers to this problem.

Every now and then, we hear from one of you who has managed to fix a tech issue in a totally different way than we had suggested.

So, if you are one of those people, we would love to hear how you managed to fix this problem in the comments section below.

That way, we can pass on the word to our readers. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “5 Ways To Solve Metro PCS Slow Down Your Internet”

  1. You made a list of things to help internet speed but they really dont say much to the normal person wo a pocket protector and tape on their glasses. What are these special apps that make shit faster? How do you restart your router if you have slow cell phone data connection. I could be wrong but you address slow internet with metro pcs but i dont see what that has to do with routers. Thats not wifi as i understand it. Thats a data plan thing.. everytime i try to fix an issue it begins with restart your router blah blah. No router! Just bullshit pathetic interbet speed. .3mbps right now. I coild typr a letter go buy a syamp. Mail the letter and it would get to its destination faster than an email

  2. That comment above was exactly what i was thinking. We can ask all the qyestions in the world online but i swear to god noone reads them correctly or they havnt taken their ritilin. Object of this whole thing was why does metro pcs suck shit when it comes to their data speeds? Right? So tell me how in the hell do you reset your router or other devices? We dont have a router or devices. These are cell phones not plugged into anything. I have unlimited data. It doesnt matter if its the first day of the month or the last generally my data speed is below .1mbps. Ive onky seen it around 6mbps a couple times. Then after 35 gb they throttle ut to be slower. It allready times out and buffers every 10 to 15 seconds.

  3. Yes! On both comments. I had the unlimited data plan for two years and recently lowered my data plan to $40 per month. Ever since this change my phone doesn’t work. I have to use my home wifi with my phone just to make a call! I’m looking into new companies now.

  4. A couple of months ago T-Mobile finally took over MetroPCS all the way ..when they did they throttle everybody’s Internet down they turned the Power of the towers down to save them and make more money Metro pcs used to be an awesome company and now they suck because of T-Mobile i’m a long time user Metro pcs I’ve had them for over 12 years this is the worst this company is ever been on top of that I had T-Mobile for one year And sign a contract with them… I had to stand in certain places in my house and in my shop to make phone calls and receive calls as soon as I went back to Metro pcs everything was fine in my shop and my house I could make calls anywhere ….so They are messing with everybody’s Internet data to make a buck t-Mobile socks just like MetroPCS now …and by the way 5G network supposed to be so much faster why is it slower than 4G LTE we are all paying for 5G You bunch of F-ing crooks

  5. I live in an area where metro PCs was widespread before they sold out to T-Mobile. I have always loathed them. One of those reasons is for shotty connection speed and coverage. Also call quality was real bad and if anyone ever had there volume turned up even just a little you couldn’t even hear what they were saying?!?! I thought there was some other apn or dns server we could connect our phones to to get everything working a little faster. Does anyone know about this method?

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