4 Ways To Solve Slow Sonic Internet

sonic internet slow
sonic internet slow

If you are using Sonic’s services for your wireless internet connection you must have noticed some speed issues or some sudden signal dropouts. This is extremely irritating obviously if you’re in the middle of something important. Let’s say if you’re in a business meeting to be specific or you’re attending an online class of your University, Sonic slow Internet will disturb the flow if not completely interrupt it.

Plus you might miss some important information that can cause you to suffer later in the long haul.  Besides anything important, slow internet is naturally a buzzkill. Whether you’re streaming your favorite shows or playing your favorite games, slow internet can really affect your experience.

Problems Caused By Sonic Slow Internet

Ever thought about cycling a paddle once and waiting 2 minutes before hitting the next paddle again? If you ever try to do this, you will realize how frustrating it is because doing such a silly act will not only waste your time but also it will get you nowhere. Similarly, slow speed internet is just like riding a bicycle paddle by paddle with long breaks every now and then.

There are various problems caused by Sonic slow internet which are listed as follows.

1) Lost Data

The biggest issue caused by signal dropouts is the loss of data information. Imagine you’re filling a Google form or write your data details on an online web portal and PHOOF! it all suddenly just vanishes. Now you’ll have to do it all again.

2) Missed Information

While doing important work like attending business meetings and taking online classes, Sonic’s slow internet will result in you missing out on most part of the conversation that might be much more important and could be the key part of the whole discussion.

3) Game Lag

The new advanced technologies have also been very active in advancing the online game experience but to enjoy it fully, you’ll need a fast speed connection. Using your Sonic slow internet will get your character killed sooner rather than later due to massive game lagging. This not only affects your gaming experience but also your gaming profile.

4) Long Streaming Pauses

If you’re streaming live shows or online movie, your sonic slow internet will make you suffer through long steaming pauses. Your videos will take long loading breaks right in the middle of streaming which will definitely kill the mood and excitement levels.

Troubleshooting Sonic Internet Slow

Don’t worry if you’re experiencing speed issues with your Sonic internet because we have found some easy solutions for you to avoid slow speed connection. Just follow through the steps given below.

1) Restart And Reboot

The easiest way to get back your fast speed internet is restarting and rebooting your devices. This includes your smartphone as well as your internet router. You can turn your computing devices off and restart them. This refreshes the internet connection and recovers its better speeds.

2) Replug the Connections

You can also try to replug all the connections after unplugging all the power cables of your internet from your home router and computing devices. This way you can also check if there is anything wrong with the wiring. Moreover this way you’ll also tighten any loose connections that are responsible for causing signal dropouts.

3) Avoid Maximum Usage

Always use your internet only when you need it. You can try to avoid maximum usage of your Sonic internet because sometimes you don’t know how quickly you get to your data usage limits and then the water goes over the head.

4) Disable the Wireless Connection

You can also try disabling your sonic internet connection. This will turn off the internet completely now reconnect it by enabling it again. This helps in refreshing your sonic internet connections with a different set of network servers providing better speed coverage for your sonic internet.


You can solve your Sonic slow internet issues by using the above mentioned easy troubleshooting steps. If your speed problem still persists you can also contact your Sonic Internet providers for help and guidance related to your internet speed issues. You can also visit their official website on the internet and read their FAQs page for more help.

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