10 Ways To Solve Slow AT&T Internet Issue

at&t internet slow
at&t internet slow

During this time of social distancing, most of us have turned towards our trusty electronics to keep us busy and entertained. However, with a house full of people relying on said technology requires a good, strong internet connection.

With online gaming, streaming in HD, or streaming music, the need for a strong connection is apparent. Sometimes, with the heavy load, our internet connection troubleshoots.

Whether it be the fault of our internet providers services such as AT&T – which sometimes works at a slower speed than usual – or entirely different issues such as a faulty device, we can not rely on someone else to fix it for us.

Troubleshoot And Solve AT&T Internet Slow Issue

1) Settings

First, do the most obvious thing. Check if your connection is available. Here are the instructions for turning your connection ON; Settings then choose Network & Internet and then Wi-Fi. Make sure the connection is ON. Airplane Mode can interfere as well, so make sure it is OFF.

2) Connections 

Now, maybe the issue isn’t in your device itself. But in the router, so, check your WAN (wide area network) and LAN (local area network) connections. If the router provided by AT&T is causing trouble, then it would explain why the internet provider is working badly.

Basically, these are the ethernet cables. If you suspect that these cables are indeed the ones causing the problems, then swap them out for new ones and your connection will work steadily afterward.

3) Restart 

Restarting your own device is always a good device. Sometimes, our devices lag and restrict connections to further cause troubles. However, if you are still doubtful about your router then you can easily restart it. Most routers have a button available on either the back or front for you to press to manually restart it. Make use of it.

4) Virus

Keeping your device up to date is also an important factor. Viruses can take over your control center and refuse to turn on the connections. Always scan for malicious code on your computer or your phone with software or better yet, anti-viruses. Windows 10 comes with a built-in virus detector which is a nice touch and we should utilize it. Viruses might be the reason our AT&T internet service is slow.

5) Windows 

Your windows might be causing your internet connection to troubleshoot. When your computer can no longer with an older version of Windows, it starts to stir trouble which can explain why your AT&T internet was lagging.

Try updating your windows to get rid of the problem. To update your Windows, follow these: Windows Settings > Update & Security and then Windows Update. Then access Check for Updates. If there are any updates available, Windows will automatically download them and update your software accordingly.

6) Bandwidth 

It is possible that your AT&T internet is working fine but there is an application running that is using all of your bandwidth. Open your Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) and press on the Network Column. On Mac, press Command + Space. Then, in Spotlight, type ‘Activity Monitor’ and head to the Network Tab. Here you can easily eliminate the application that is using more bandwidth than other apps are.

If you’re downloading a big file, you may need to wait for it to finish to continue with your normal internet surfing. If there is not an obvious suspect there, you may want to check in with other house members, or else it is likely that a neighbor is stealing your Wi-Fi for which you need to change the password of your router, immediately.

7) Network Troubleshooter

Windows introduced a tool called Windows Network Diagnostics. This allows users to fix and examine their troubleshoot issues by themselves. Go to Windows Settings then choose Network & Internet and then Status. Then, under Change Your Network Settings, click Network Troubleshooter. Then, Windows will run a few tests to check what the root of the issue is and present it with a list that can fix the on-going problem. Otherwise, if there is not an issue in your device, Windows will let you know that it did not find any problem. This tool is available from Windows 7 to Windows 10. This can fix your slow AT&T internet service.

8) Low Bars

It is recommended by professionals to connect your computer to the router via an ethernet cable for zero-to-none interference. However, if it does not work and you are using your Wi-Fi in a part of your house where the signals do not reach fully, then that might be the issue. It is recommended to move around to see where you can get the most bars.

If you continue to get low bars then you should just move the router to a central part of your house to get a good connection everywhere in your house. In addition, you can buy a Wi-Fi extender to further solve your problem if the router’s new placement does not seem to help. This can help your AT&T internet work at its full potential.

9) Internet Package 

If your internet is working much slower than usual then head over to a website that records your internet connection’s speed such as Speedtest.net. Check your bill and compare it with the speeds to see if you’re paying for the exact amount of the speed you’re receiving. AT&T has wonderful packages on its website that are affordable so upgrading to those that are more suitable for you is a better option and it will fix your slow internet problem.

10) Upgrade 

Sometimes, similar to Windows, routers need replacement. There are better routers that work according to your plan and maybe you need to upgrade to those certain routers provided by AT&T – internet service provider Especially if you have multiple devices, gaming consoles that require an internet connection, and other devices used for bandwidth. Moreover, new versions of routers are compatible with the latest tech while delivering excellent speed.


Usually, Troubleshooting can be solved through these simple sets. It is sort of a glitch that can be easily fixed or in two clicks, per se. It is easy to deduce what is the root of your clunky internet connection, however, it is unfortunate when none of these work.

Then, it is evident that you need to consult a specialist or consult your internet provider by calling them- you are paying for the service after all. As mentioned before, if you are an AT&T user and are experiencing a slow internet speed then you can easily call the provider and ask them to guide you.

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